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TERRY GROSS - NPR WARMONGER: 1/23/03 npr.org audio archive interview URLs to listen to her "FRESH (???) AIR" program interview where she bashes the anti-war movement!

Listen to TERRY GROSS - NPR (Nat'l Propaganda Radio) WARMONGER - host of "FRESH(???) AIR" bash the anti-war movement!:

1/23/03 npr.org audio archive URLs to listen to the "Fresh Air" interviews:

- Listen to Terry suck up to Todd Gitlin in this cottonball (not even softball) interview--

Todd Gitlin interview segment:


- Listen to Terry bash and red-bait the anti-war movement as a bunch of dupes in the most hostile interview I've heard outside of Bill O'Reilly's show--

Int'l ANSWER interview segment with Mara Verheyden Hilliard:


Gross -- 'uh-huh, so Saddam *is* going to nuke New York, yeah?' -- held a cottonball interview with Todd Gitlin -- who did his usual red-baiting and dupes-accusing thing. But Gitlin's undisclosed *real* purpose for attacking the anti-war movement is because much of it also supports the Palestinian human rights cause.

(Gitlin—and Gross—are indirectly firing flak for Israel, who many say is one of the *real* reasons the White House is so chomping for war. This, so that Israel can use the war as cover to complete its crushing or ethnic cleansing of “the Palestinian problem”. Major segments of the anti-war movement, including many progressive Jewish organizations, significantly support the cause of Palestinian human rights.)

Then Gross interviewed a representative from ANSWER, in which the otherwise staid Gross herself almost viciously attacked and red-baited the anti-war movement in the most blatantly biased interview I've ever heard *anyone*, let alone Gross, conduct. Bill O'Reilly would have been proud! (Note to Gross: In a *coalition* not everyone has to agree on the specifics of everyone else's political program -- just on the goal!)

- Today (2/5/03) - NPR WARMONGER TERRY GROSS (who apparently has quite a lot of hair on her chest) interviewed TWO "liberal interventionists" (one a psychologist for REAL brainfixing!) -- that's euphemism for "pseudo-liberal warmongers" -- or "neo-conservative war propagandists posing as a liberal" -- on NPR's "Fresh Air". No peace activists—like Daniel Ellsberg or Global Exchange's co-founder/-director Medea Benjamin--were interviewed.


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Better Red than...

12.02.2003 09:45

Terry Gross is paid by NPR to be who she is.

There are members of the San Diego IMC who are actually more anti-communist than Terry. Are they paid too, or is it just that they are reactionary punks?


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