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The Fucking Drummers International[e] marched right into downtown La Jolla on Friday night... (article 1)

photos from drummers march on friday
photos from drummers march on friday

photos from drummers march on friday
photos from drummers march on friday

photos from drummers march on friday
photos from drummers march on friday

photos from drummers march on friday
photos from drummers march on friday

photos from drummers march on friday
photos from drummers march on friday

photos from drummers march on friday
photos from drummers march on friday

...to greet the rich getting out of their limousines with our raucous song of revolution. Chanting "Occupation is Not Liberation" and "No Justice, No Peace, US Out of the Middle East", the fucking drummers marched dorn girard, and then down prospect, and around prospect twice. The streets and restaurants were filled with people turning their heads to see what all the noise was about and read our messages of resistance. As one of the drummers there that night, it kicked ass. We showed that we will not stop resisting, even as the mass media claims that the war is over. Our battle against militarism and empire is not even close to over. And no march is complete without a small thriller contingent of zombies...

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what the fuck?!

15.04.2003 11:59

Why is the fucking name of the Fucking Drummers International[e] censored on the fucking front page? This isn't fucking CNN is it?

linguistically frustrated


15.04.2003 14:41

Right On!!!!

e-mail:: kievek@hotmail.com

Yay Drummers

15.04.2003 18:09

Go Drummers! Now that the "Coalition" shrivelled up I'm glad REAL ACTIVISTS, rather than "Professionals" have stepped up. Go, go, go!

Real Activist

grow up

15.04.2003 20:39

The coalition does what it's members organize, don't like it? Than go to a meeting, or get on the listserve and help organize something different.

I bet the person making this comment is about 18 years old.

Do you have any idea how much committment it takes to keep fighting for these causes as long as some of these "professionals" have?

There is a place for both, and a need for both.

Banging a drum in the street is great, but it isn't a large democratic voice.

The Coalition is made up of many smaller groups and requires more communication and dicussion than it takes to organize some drumming.

REAL ACTIVISTS are the ones who yell about a problem and work on a solution.

These people work together except for these petty anonymous posts that are the norm on this site.

sick of trash talking


15.04.2003 20:48

The coalition is shrivelling up?

I guess you aren't protesting with all of them for tax day then are you?

It's usually best to know what you are talking about before you start typing.

don't want my name on this site

the fucking drummers international!!!

24.04.2003 13:17

it's important that none of us consider ourselves as 'more activist than thou' and work on building a community that is open to a multiplicity of protest/resistance methods. the drummers by no means consider ourselves a vanguard and recognize that banging a drum is not intrinsically a radical act. ours is a means of obstruction, while simultaneously valorizing subculture and difference of expression(as both a means and end). i personally appreciate the hard work that the coalition puts into organizing events and hope they can support us in our endeavors.

keep on the lookout for the radical fucking cheerleaders!!!


re: grow up

26.04.2003 15:41

i think it is unfair for you to speculate that you bet "the person making this comment is about 18 years old." making unconstructive comments is one thing, but automatically attributing those comments to a young person (however easy it may be to do so) is ageist and negates any constuctive criticisms you may have been trying to make. additionally, people have different approaches to activism and what s/he feels is effective in terms of striving for social change. as far as "banging a drum" being a unproductive means of doing that, some people also feel that marching around holding signs may not be as productive, but it is all individual discretion, and both forms of resistance are equally important and valid. the kind of solidarity one might get out of a demo might not happen for another.


IndyMedia - Die in video

04.05.2003 11:17
IndyMedia - Die in video
IndyMedia - Die in video


Subject :
[SDCPJ] Newest Vid

Date :
Mon, 14 Apr 2003 22:26:15 -0700

Here's another vid I finished tonight, once again please do not post the URL to SDIMC.



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