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HOW TO IDENTIFY VEHICLES: What to look for...

One of the very bizarre things this group does to me is stage to accidents, usually ahead of my route. This is done in order to impede my journey, and also to bring fire and police response. This has been done to me dozens of times, with the destruction of an unbelievable amount of vehicles, and with all the risk and incovenience that represents for the community at large. They also stage arrests, and block traffic this way, in the direction I am heading. They've done this to me, when picking up packages at CBS studios at 7800 Beverly Blvd., LA 90036, and have simultaneously blocked all exits, except the main gate on Beverly with road work, so that I'll have to go around. Seems like a lot of work for a questionable payoff, but; this is a covert operation, that is intended to leave no evidence. I don't entirely undersatnd the logic of it, but; there probably is some.

When leaving TRIMAR, after donating plasma, in Reseda, on Friday 8/6/04, 10:45am, there was an accident at the corner of Tampa & Reseda, the moment I left the building. I can't prove that this was staged, but; the precise timing of it suggests that it was. Timing that precise would also require the use of one or more spotters, either someone in the parking lot, another doner at Trimar, or a member of the Trimar staff itself. I believe the lic's of the vehicles involved were: 3PGB352 & 4GSC035, (if these prove to be the wrong plates, my complete list for the day of suspect vehicles is below), also the moment I turned onto Ventura Blvd, from tampa, I was immediately passed by two LAFD units, with sirens and strobe lights running, these were units: "293" plus a "LADDER TRUCK." Also, the moment I entered the highway, I was immediately met with LACO unit: 9929479 at the intersection of the freeway onramp and the US 101 SB. Again, I can't prove these were anything other that coincidences, but; if they are, they are certainly unnaturally plentiful, and after what I've been through I think I understand the difference.

3LAS704, 3SFK988, 3VCW115, 5HAX885, 4SIW758, 4ABW819, *1045763 6:30PM, 7H06840, 613 ONLY, 4XPF220, 4DIZ976, 4MI637, ECI II, 5CHG467, RXM5086, 5HCI650, TH USUAL, 4NUZ247

Also, be on the look out for vehicles with one bright headlight and one dim one. This is intentional. You will see these on passenger vehicles. MTA & Schools busses, LADWP, Parking Enforcement, Parks & Recreations vehicles, SBC & Comcast vans, taxicabs and a multitude of other vehicles as well. This is another version of the one-headlight trick, only this appears to be street legal. These folks are definitely mobbed-up, you betcha...

Also, does anyone besides myself remember the following? For at least the last four years or maybe longer, with the exception of the last year and a half, there were no beat-up or older vehicles on California streets and highways. There's was a reason for this. California emissions standards were so strict that older vehicles had to have engines and emissions systems replaced once the vehicle became classified as a gross poluter. This was often without the vehicle producing any smoke, and while still a viable transportation vehicle. That coupled with cash for retiring older vehicles all but bannished them from the road, so.. you simply didn't see any.

How many older and noticibly beat-up vehicles do you see on the road today??? Get the idea boys and girls... They are all suspect... everyone of them!


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Even More Staged Accidents

12.08.2004 02:17
Vehicular Icons: DUB
Vehicular Icons: DUB

This was a heck of a day today. I got tailed by everything on the road again today and then some. LE units were in top form and getting bolder. For about the past week or two LE units have been steering clear of getting involved in staged accidents, but; the LA City and LA County FD's have maintained their resolve. Nothing or no one can make the FD play it straight. No way man...

Anyway, coming home form work, SB on the 101, I exited at Vermont and headed NB. To my genuine astonishment, (and it takes a lot to surprise me these days) was WHAT APPEARED to be another staged accident at the corner of Vermont and Santa Monica @ 11:25 pm. And, by God, wouldn't you know it, it just so happened to be along my route. You know, I've lived here in LA fo 25 years, and I've never seen so many accidents. I really haven't. It just isn't natural; and I've lived here more than long enough to know the difference.

What made this accident appear even more unnatural was the fact that I was surrounded by PERP vehicles in full regalia on all sides, including a PU Truck from Securitas, the very company that stalked me through Vernon, CA back in January or February I believe.... The license of the wrecked vehicle blocking the intersection was: 4ZHB858. The other wrecked vehicle was already cleared to the side of Santa Monica Blvd. The LE Vehicles involved were: 1113680 & 1135294. Both had 4 Lojack antennas. I forget which plate belonged to the Securitas PU, but I'll list all suspect vehicles below. I did write the plate number down, so it will be in the list somewhere.

3UDS849, 6S25878, 3MQE038, 1053389 (turned the corner at Fountain and Normandie at the same moment I approached the intersection. A marked unit is usually waiting at the 7/11 on the corner of Sunset and Normandie, when I arrive there to buy beer at the end of my shift. I can't prove it has anything to do with me, but; it seems to fit the pattern..., WVE 740, 4JKJ768 (TAILGATED ME), ACHOICE (HOW NICE OF THEM), YOUROUT (I RATHER THINK THEY'RE OUT!!), 5AGJ958, 5AFH781 (TAILGATED ME, 10:15 PM), AGE-8550 (waited for me to approach, on the shoulder, and then cut in front of me), 3FGZ767, 1PTF722, 4YHD192, 38RJ330 (TAILGATED ME), 4FEG196, 1032387 (GLENDALE PD), VRY NICE, 5FIG673, 4XFL812 (2:25 PM), 5DEN401 (ACCESS PARATRANSIT), 2TTJ482, 5X0675 (4:50 PM), 5Y87518 (TAXI), 5R97008 (AT SYSTEMS), 4HWN034, 4FFX40, 5FIG673, [1T-B6279 (MT), 6T92128, 4DJK520 (TRIED TO BOX ME IN) 10:30 AM], 4DD3231 (PERP CAR CARRIER - M&M AUTO TRASPORT - CA 255952, 6N28996 (CHOICE PEST CONTROL - (818) 994 - 1700), 2ZBU832 (BROKEN TAIL LIGHT), 5EWU342, 7A67216, 4CLS679, SXW190, 5AVH061, (CHP 116... (8:15 AM), LSP 536, 1008435, 1135252 6:15 AM, 4XGM411 (1:55 PM), FULL (HEART SYMBOL) 'S, 1151643, 4EM593J


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LA Sheriffs Caught Showing Gang Sign

17.08.2004 01:41
Sheriffs Deputies Gang Signing
Sheriffs Deputies Gang Signing Perp Taxi Gang Signing
Perp Taxi Gang Signing Perp Peon Gang Signing
Perp Peon Gang Signing Drove Ahead of Me Going To and Coming From Paramount Mailroom
Drove Ahead of Me Going To and Coming From Paramount Mailroom Tail With Headlights
Tail With Headlights In The Box
In The Box Burbank Fire Department Rushing to Meet Me With Sirens at Olive and Verdugo
Burbank Fire Department Rushing to Meet Me With Sirens at Olive and Verdugo LAFD Fire Station 35
LAFD Fire Station 35

This was the second of at least four LE units, with Perp convoy in tow, to cross my path at right-angles today. When I tried get close enough to photograph the license plate of the Sheriff's unit, I was cut off by two vehicles in the left lane, the after I pulled around the obsructing vehicles, a white van pulled up close to the Sheriff's unit's rear bumper tp prevent me form getting the picture. However; I persisted and got the shot anyway.

Ohhh... Sing a song of six pence. A pocket full of rye. Three Sheriff's Department S____-___S baked in a pie. When IAD was telephoned the cops began to sing...

More to follow, David

See original post "Victim of State Sponsored Domestic Terrorism" at:


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Gang Stalking Resources: More Links

20.08.2004 05:10

So Cal Stalking Groups Documented

The original links are here:  http://la.indymedia.org/news/2004/08/115326_comment.php#115836  http://newswire.indymedia.org/en/newswire/2004/05/803105.shtml And will continue on this page.

So Cal Stalking groups



 http://newswire.indymedia.org/en/newswire/2004/05/803105.shtml Go here for a complete dossier on their tradecraft, including photos of perps and auto decals used

An ongoing photo intelligence file of perps and culprits involved in a highly organized, cult-like group that involves police corruption, firemen, narcotics traffickers, union goons, mafia, and street gangs who mark their autos and trucks with distinctive decals to "sign" to one another that they are part of this "cult".

Found in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, these stalking groups have also been sighted in Florida, Texas, New York and Arizona.

They use a variety of means to communicate with one another, including eavesdropping on police and law enforcement using scanners; cell phones, two way radios and pagers.

They will stalk law enforcement and civilians alike "for sport". They will stage mock accidents and often move in large convoys.

They have been documented stalking local, state and federal law enforcement, who are all aware of these groups, and actively monitor their movements and tradecraft.

Corrupt police and firemen are involved at some levels and lend help in communications and tradecraft.

There is also involvement of rogue elements of the intelligence community.

Mexican drug cartels play heavily in this in the LA area, as do many union thugs (longshoremen in the LA Harbor area).

Neo Nazi skin heads and gang "wannabes" are heavily involved in this.

If you see an assortment of the documented auto decals showing up on vehicles in your area, shown on the other indymedia page (see link listed), you should take down their license plates and start taking photos and documenting them, because it means they have moved into your area.

Scientology is thought to be involved in this as well as pedophiles and child prostitution groups.

Duck Twacy
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Self Identified "Raiders Girl," Admits Sabotage:

28.08.2004 10:34
Self Identified
Self Identified "Raiders Girl," Admits Sabotage:

This young lady stated to me explicitly, upon being directly questioned by myself, that she is a member of the "Raiders," and that they are responsible for sabotaging the scales in the men's locker room at Bally's Total Fitness on El-Centro between Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards.

She is an employee of Car Park Inc., formerly Barnard's Parking Service: 17277 Ventura Blvd., Suite 200, Encino, CA 91316; Allan Rice president (800) 499-7275. She is usually working the rear gate at Bally's Hollywood at 9am, when I am leaving

Gotta say one thing; they're certainly proud of what they do, but; apparently not that bright individually...

Bon Appetit, David.....

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