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If it wasn't for the thorns in the street, they'd started the revolution right then and there!

Bike Bloc at Local Parade

September 11, 2004

POWAY - The group of bicycle activists that rode in the Poway Days Heritage Parade was faced with a slew of bike problems, inner tube related, and was forced to stop the demo resulting in it's overall failure.

The North County Bike Bloc plans to disrupt traffic and the parade in poway last Saturday were disrupted by a large amount of thorns and burs in the street. All but one of the ten cyclists had one or both of their tires go flat minutes after the ride had begun.

The Bloc converged about a mile away from the parade route. Many of the cyclists had political slogans attached to their bikes. One read "Burn Fat, Not Oil" while another urged "Reclaim the streets!" which a picture of bicycles. In making its way to the parade starting point the riders rode through the thorns that would ultimately be the end of the demo.

Although, not much of the parade route was covered by the Bloc those who did see the bloc in the parade were shocked and awed.

The Bike Bloc was riding in protest of the size of the bike lanes in Poway, claiming "There is enough road for all of our need, but not enough for all of your greed." Motorists in Poway have not been respecting cyclists in their quest to have fun. "We have the right to ride full lane," one activist said, "they cannot stifle our movement with paint and a line. We will fight back"

Another went on to say, "We are going to send a message that the streets are for bikes and cars alike."

A witness to the Bike Bloc commented, "It's good that they are riding their bikes, but where are their helmets?" All of the cyclists were wearing helmets, with the exception of one adult who was not required to wear one by law, and foolishly chose not to.

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