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The truth is now out. The CIA funds the Protest Warriors. They are just an American version of the Stasi.

Protest Warriors: The CIA’s Useful Idiots

Shortly after the events of 9/11, the CIA approached the president of Austin, Texas based defense contractor Cycorp. Douglas B. Lenat, president of Cycorp, was presented with an offer for a contract to be paid through back channels. The project called for waging cyber warfare on domestic enemies of the state (e.g. American Muslims, Arabs and Anarchists). Cycorp was uniquely qualified for the project. At that time, Cycorp was bringing to market a new product, CycSecure. CycSecure was designed to protect networks from cyber attacks. What made CycSecure unique was the approach to the problem. Cycorp is home of the world’s largest AI, Cyc. CycSecure would leverage both the knowledge of Cyc, its inference engine and new knowledge focusing on network vulnerability to predict possible plans of attack against any network. The system also involved the development of sentinels which would be embedded within the operating system of individual machines on a given network to monitor activities on these individual machines, including the activities of the machine’s user.

Strategic Command of the US Military was interested in the system for protection of its networks. As knowledge of the system surfaced, the obvious alternative use for the system became known within the Department of Defense and the intelligence community. Just as CycSecure could be used to deduce possible attacks against a network for the purpose of proposing defensive measures, it could deduce possible attacks against any other network for the purpose of launching attacks against the network.

The CIA approached Douglas B. Lenat and proposed to him a project where a cyber warfare center would be set up to launch cyber attacks domestically. The initial goal was to end anonymous posting on Internet forums. The CIA was concerned that anonymous use of Internet forums could be exploited by “terrorists” for the purpose of exchanging information in the planning and timing of attacks.

Douglas B. Lenat brought this proposal to his management team. To his surprise there was a snag. Nearly every member of the management team rejected it: some one the basis it would be unconstitutional, some on the basis that it would be unethical and some on the basis that it would one day prove to be embarrassing. Contrary to his normal form, Lenat quickly withdrew the proposal from his management team and announced that the company would not pursue it.

An employee at the company, one Josiah Hagen, approached Douglas B. Lenat privately and offered to work on the project in secret. The problem they faced, however, was getting rid of the Director of the Programming Department, the most vociferous opponent of the project. A small group which would later comprise the actual project was assembled and the Director of the Programming Department was targeted with online harassment. When the right opportunity came, the Director of the Programming Department was sacked and the project was put on line.

In its earlier phases the project attacked Arab and Muslim forums with forum flooding, racial harassment, religious blaspheme and denial of service attacks. Arab and Muslim forums responded by following one of two paths: shutting down or requiring registration of users. Either of these paths satisfied the will of the CIA. The key was to shut down anonymous communication.

After successfully changing the nature of most Arab and Muslim Internet forums, the project turned its attention to Anarchists. Many well known anarchists were targeted. Their forums were targeted. Their websites were targeted. Their reputations were targeted.

The next phase, currently under way, was to target IndyMedia. According to the harassment project, they have infiltrated 8 IndyMedia collectives. They have also developed programs to automatically and repeatedly down rate articles they wish to censor on IndyMedia sites such as NYC IndyMedia.

Around the time this phase started, the next step was undertaken: creation of a disruptive movement designed to harass protesters on the street. Two individuals were moved to Austin, Texas to begin operations in conjunction with the online project. These two individuals formed what is now known as the “Protest Warrior” movement.

Both the online project and the street project share many modus operandi. In both cases a private front is created. This front obscures the connections to the CIA and also permits the private front to assist the CIA in circumventing US law regarding government interference with legal protest and speech. Likewise, both fronts recruit naïve teenagers and young adults to do their dirty work. These useful idiots do not know that they are actually working for the CIA. Indeed, if they did know, they would probably demand to be paid.

The above is not conjecture. The core members of cyber front have been linked directly to the CIA and to the Protest Warriors. It is no coincidence that the Protest Warriors moved to Austin and are located close to the offices of Cycorp.

The next question is, what can we expect in the future. These techniques have already been employed by the CIA in places such as Guatemala and Venezuela. In the case of Guatemala, such brownshirt groups evolved into death squads. Is this our future?

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-- San Diego Indymedia volunteers
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Slightly Idiotic

27.09.2004 23:10

This is an interetsing article. Do you have ONE reference to cite? ONE source? Probably not I'm thinking. Just like Rather and the rest of the liberal media, if the stories not there, make it up.

e-mail:: weavdzl@hotmail.com

Cool....I work for the CIA...

27.09.2004 23:59

and didn't even know it.

Freaking moron.

Randy Grundstrom


28.09.2004 04:20

You people really are scary. If I work for the CIA, where's my check? Also, can I put this on my resume? Can I cite Indymedia as a reference?

*falls to floor* You people have officially jumped the shark. Hilarious. I'm posting this ALL OVER the net to let people know of your idiocy. LMAO.

e-mail:: nospam@hotmail.com

people will believe anything.....

28.09.2004 08:47

Just because someone posted this to the open newswire does not mean that it represents the views of everyone who participates in (and gets information) from Indymedia.

Also, who can really say for certain who posted this article and what their intentions are? Hint. Hint.

One interesting thing though. The immediate response by those outraged at the accusation is encouraging for some. It shows how fearful and gullible some of the "warriors" really are. It only takes one small disillusion from that weak position and the house of cards could crumble. For that person, of course.

Anyway, I guess I'm not the only lurker around here.

larry the lurker

Wheres meh check?

28.09.2004 09:45

Source??? or is this like the Dan Rather source (made up?)

e-mail:: nunya@nunyadamnbeezwax.net

down rate?

28.09.2004 09:49

would this be considered downrating an article?


The Article Makes Sense to Me

28.09.2004 13:35

During the 1950s the US Government sought to overthrow a democratically elected government in Guatemala and install a military dictatorship that would do the will the US Government. Since the government was popular, it was difficult to organize a movement to take it down. The CIA concocted the following ploy which worked:

The CIA set up an illegal radio station deep within the forests of Guatemala. The radio station claimed to be the voice of a growing insurgency against the government. This claim was a lie. There was no insurgency. However, since having a radio station and many speakers that created the illusion of an insurgency was convincing, it then became possible to recruit many mentally defective and disillusioned people who, though the minority, found inspiration in the idea that there was a resistance. A movement began to grow. Will little cost the US Government recruited Guatamalan citizens who would otherwise have been nothing more than diseffected losers. These losers, since they believed they were part of a movement, did not need to be paid. They volunteered. They even believed that they were taking orders from a home grown movement (useful idiots?).

This is the same thing as the Protest Warriors. The CIA is assisting Bush in grabbing power. They fund a small website which puts out an idea of how to disrupt and intimidate legal political protest, recruit society's losers, and for little cash get a small army of morons to do their bidding.

Makes perfect sense to me. Next to prostitution, hijacking losers is the old profession. Unlike prostitutes, however, Protest Warriors are not only whores, but they do it for free.

Former Intelligence Analyst


28.09.2004 22:28

Not quite. Most see this as justification that the IMC crowd really are a bunch of complete morons.

Protest Warrior

RE: Protest Warrior

29.09.2004 06:29

The first sign that you are delusional is that you think you speak for everyone. You have no clue what "everyone" thinks. As far as I've seen, most people think Protest Warriors are ugly white guys unable to get a date.



29.09.2004 21:58

Well you've got to know nothing about computers to believe this bunch of crap. The ideal for Cyc has been around and implemented several times already (look up patrol express). Secondly there are no sources. Everyone has sources. Even Jack Kelly had sources. Lastly I don't really consider myself naive and I think the writer should do more research before they toss unfounded comments around (thats called slander, for all you "gunho for constitutional rights" people)

The Minority

What is Cyc and what is CycSecure?

30.09.2004 13:05

Cyc is a product of Cycorp. Cycorp claims that it is the world's largest repository of common sense. It is a rule based system (Artificial Intelligence).

CycSecure is a product sold by Cycorp. It uses Cyc plus its own set of microtheories. These microtheories extend Cyc's knowledge by providing knowledge about network security.

CycSecure reasons about the weaknesses in a network. When used in reverse it can be (and is) used to attack networks.

CycSecure is running inside the offices of US Strategic Command and DISA. It is being used both for defense and offense.

To the person that commented before, watch who you're conversing with. If I wanted to I could lay out the entire design of CycSecure right here on this website. I know it inside and out. You, obviously, don't.

I believe the article. It makes sense to me.

Computer Scientist

Let me rephrase that

03.10.2004 17:17

First off it is true that when I last commented I did not know much about Cyc or the CycSecure program. I was commenting on how the article presented CycSecure. The way it was talked about it, sounded just like one of the several other pieces of network monitoring software redialy avaliable. I have now done some research and I still believe the article to be lacking in facts. The program CycSecure, while differnt then what I though, is not a special program in anyway except it makes a real world model of the network, whereas other products use the network that is already in place. Secondly inorder for you to exploit this technology(in other words turn cycsecure into a "hacker") you would have to rewrite most of the product. Cyc itself is a form of AI that is based upon reason and logic. It uses it logic to plan out how an attack COULD be made. First you would have to right it so that it didn't make a copy of the network but rather worked in the actual network. Second you would then have to program it to actually attack instead of point out flaws. Third you'd actually have to find a way to install it on the machine it's "hacking"(this being the hardest and part yet). All of it impractical and would take much longer then the 3 years that CycSecure has actually been on the market. I hope this explains my point better Computer Scientist. Oh yeah on a side note, anyone who would like a copy of Cyc check out  http://www.opencyc.org/ you can get an open source version there

The Minority

Would be nothing new if true

05.11.2004 01:53

There are plenty of CIA front companies out ther, no doubt.

Is this one of them? Maybe.


best article *ever*

17.01.2005 23:52

I've never laughed so hard in my entire life! PLEASE keep up the 'good' work and thus supplying me with my daily jollies.

Well, either that or could start writing some non-fiction... I like a good old-fashion accurate piece of writing every now and then... Though I would never come to this site expecting something like that.


Protest Warrior - PWNED! By Their Own

04.09.2005 15:54

Protest Warrior - PWNED! By Their Own

Yep! Those idiots are up to it again, providing more and more entertainment for your pleasure.

This time, they took their special little signs, designed to reach liberals using "intelligence, wit, irony and sarcasm", and walked into a crowd of their own people with them... A crowd of rowdy, right-wing, conservative, redneck warmongers.

Of course those rednecks didn't get the intelligence, nor the irony, nor the sarcasm nor the wit of the signs and mistook the Protest Warriors for a bunch of peace activists.

As was expected, the crowd attacked their own, the Protest Warriors and we have it all on video and in images for your enjoyment.

So folks, at the expense of those rocket scientists, the Protest Warriors, allow yourself to be entertained by...

Protest Warrior - PWNED! By Their Own!

Protest Warriors-PWNED By Their Own

Protest Warriors-PWNED By Their Own

Protest Warriors-PWNED By Their Own

Protest Warriors-PWNED By Their Own

Protest Warriors-PWNED By Their Own

Protest Warriors-PWNED By Their Own

Protest Warriors-PWNED By Their Own

Protest Warriors-PWNED By Their Own

Kfir Alfia
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