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The two founders of Protest Warriors are engineers. They both quit their jobs to run Protest Warriors. They now fund their living off of "T-Shirt" sales. I find this absurd. Who is really funding them?



"It's become our full-time job," co-founder Kfir Alfia said. "We support ourselves by the sale of products on our website — T-shirts, stickers, mugs, and posters. I had to quit my engineering job so I could do this."

If you have real experience running a website and selling political T-Shirts and such, you will know that this is bullshit.

Someone else is funding them.

Who is it?

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29.09.2004 11:27

Its the same reason why Air America tanked while Rush and O'Reilly are major players. People actaully support the PW stuff, while your communist and "screw the troops" rhetoric puts em off.

Protest Warrior

Dear Simple Simon,

29.09.2004 11:34

Hope you enjoyed your New Year's celebration.

Let's see, if more people support the "PW" than the protesters why are there always about 1000 protesters to each "PW"?



Again, its simple

29.09.2004 12:02

Most PW supporters have real jobs and can't take a week off to bang drums and chant, unlike most of the "protestors". Instead, they give money to those who can make the arrangements to do so.

Protest Warrior

he's right

29.09.2004 12:17

Protest Warrior is correct. Most PW supporters actually work, at real jobs. Real work nets a real salary. You can even save money to take a leave from work to do what you want. This is difficult for the professional protest crowd to understand, since it is difficult to save money when you work 15 hours a week for a nonprofit at $7 an hour. Sorry, Indymedia, but the real world is NOT like you.


Congrats on winning the Dumba$$ gold medal!

29.09.2004 12:25

Your query ...

"The two founders of Protest Warriors are engineers. They both quit their jobs to run Protest Warriors. They now fund their living off of "T-Shirt" sales. I find this absurd. Who is really funding them?

... is absurd yet hilarious for so many reasons.

First of all, is the concept of self-employment one with which you are not familiar? Is the concept that someone might be a more successful capitalist than you are a socialist mind-boggling to you? Could the idea that someone might have saved their money rather than spending it heading to the latest G-8 or anti-globalization protest vexing? Could it be that the idea of someone agreeing with their partner or spouse that they would depend on one income rather than two while a project was underway is foreign to the likes of you?

It would appear so.

e-mail:: s_langwothy@hotmail.com

Gee, all protesters I know have full time jobs.

29.09.2004 12:45

The only people I've ever heard who said they didn't were rightwing slobs, like the protest warriors. I'm self employed and a protester. I also know they aren't selling enough stuff to fund their operation, so I'm going to look into it. I'm also dropping a line to the IRS.



29.09.2004 12:53


So you protest the Goverment, then when you think someone is up to something you dont like, your first idea is to drop a dime to the government? LOL. Plus, if they really were getting funded by someone else, do you really think the IRS would follow up on it? Wouldn't they be in on it too?

Protest Warrior

It comes down to this....

29.09.2004 13:19

Our so-called leaders are force fed by mega-corporations and the military industrial goons. All males. They know nothing but war, power, and greed as it gives them meaning to their shallow existences. Prostate Worriers are simply scared little homo sapiens afraid that their dominant position in this world will be taken from them. GUESS WHAT? IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!! And in its place will come homo noeticus.

Male gods, male rulers will become an extinct concept. And lo, America will fail and falter (where is your Jesus now?)and will, within a short span of time, collapse under its own weight and ugly hubris.

Remember, history swallows empires whole. And Prostate Worriers are bags of fascist ca-ca.

la llorona
e-mail:: crybabycry@bushsstupidity.com

homo noeticus?

29.09.2004 13:50


So you believe salavation will finally be at hand when the products of alien manipulation on human genetics come into power?

Well, good luck with that.

Protest Warrior

Prostate Worrier, you totally don't get it!

29.09.2004 14:38

It's about a new step up in the evolutionary ladder and has nothing to do with aliens.

Try this:  http://www.crystalinks.com/noetic.html

or go to the Institute of Noetic Sciences web site and get educated, weenie.

la llorana

Response to LMAO

29.09.2004 15:27

Why, of course I would send the IRS after a CIA sponsored brownshirt organization. The goal is to destroy government. What better way to destroy it than to send it after itself? Hell, if I could find a way to get the US Airforce to bomb the IRS while the IRS went after the Protest Warriors and if I could find a way to get the ARMY to bomb the Protest Warriors at the same time, I'd be thrilled.

Let us suppose the IRS is in it on someone exposes the IRS for not enforcing the tax laws property. That would just add to the fun.

And while we have all of you at each other's throats, let's just recruit as many real Americans as we can to come by and kick your fascist asses.

Let's party!

AIDS is a disease that gets the body to attack itself.
Let's learn from aids and get the government to attack itself.


If you authority brownnoses (Protest Warriors) are all employed full time...

29.09.2004 15:42

If you Prostate Worshipers are employed full time, what are you doing monitoring and posting to IndyMedia during your work hours? Are you steeling from your bosses or do they pay you to do this?

How many leftists are spending their time monitoring the FreeRepublic? Probably very few, yet so many of you rightwingers are monitoring IndyMedia. How do you explain the difference? Isn't it actually the case that you wish to silence us? And if you do, how American does that make you? You seem far more similar to NAZIs than Americans to me.

Your Worst Nightmare


29.09.2004 16:16

It's called a flexible work schedule. I dont work the regular 8-5 grind. Plus I get paid extra for the odd hours. Thanks for the concern though.

Protest Warrior


29.09.2004 16:21

Why is it that when anyone brings up an honest point of debate on here, the standard line is to call them Fascists, thugs and call for bloody revolution. For a bunch of Peaceniks, you're all awfully trigger happy.

Protest Warrior


29.09.2004 16:37

I oppose all wars but the class war. You, protest warrior scum bag, are on the wrong side of the class war.

The fact that you think we're some kind of rehash of the 1960s is proof that you don't know anything about us. I almost fall over laughing when I hear interviews of you morons. "I thought they were all into peace and love!" Some of us are, but many of us believe that we will only achieve peace and love via a revolution that places the control of our destiny into our own hands - not your hands.

The only reason you try your brownshirt tactics is because you think we're easy game (after all, they're "peace" people). Watch out or one day we'll kick your lilly asses. We outnumber you 1000 to 1.


Specify please

29.09.2004 20:15

What Brownshirt tactics are you referring to? The fact we support the current system or the fact we demonstrate against your morally-bankrupt ideology. Please cite specific examples, with references.

Protest Warrior

Please sit on my middle finger and rotate.

29.09.2004 20:31

Photographing protesters in order to use the images to harass them.

Imposing yourselves into events that others have obtained a permit for and you have not in order to disrupt those events.

Insighting disrespect for free speech and dissent.



29.09.2004 21:51

[Inciting] disrespect for free speech and dissent.

You mean like:

"Sit on my middle finger and rotate"?

By the way, does that offer come with Vaseline?

Just asking...

e-mail:: cheshirecat@CHESHIRECAT.COM

Specific Events please

29.09.2004 22:16

"Photographing protesters in order to use the images to harass them."

Please say provide a link or state a specific incident. Has anyone taken your picture and plastered it up saying you are Hitler or a Nazi? Have they taken your picture and called you a rapist or babykiller? Guess its okay when its done to Republicans or servicemen though?

"Imposing yourselves into events that others have obtained a permit for and you have not in order to disrupt those events."

You mean like in NYC at the RNC? Or when they're held in public places like street corners and public parks after we've asked the Police if its cool and offered to leave if they asked?

"Insighting disrespect for free speech and dissent."

Like calling PW "brownshirts" and fascists? Or do you mean like the guy in the Che Guevara shirt who tried to jump the PW in Balboa Park?

BTW, Anarchist noted you outnumber us 1000 to 1. If so, what the hell else are you waiting on, for it to be 1001 to 1?

Protest Warrior

Somebody woke up on the wrong side of reality today

29.09.2004 22:28

I find it amazing that none of you on IndyMedia can believe that a grass roots organization on the conservative side of the street would attract supporters!

I think the reason Protest Warrior has been successful is because most hard-working, tax-paying patriotic Americans are sick of the Leftist (and anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-everything) groups who have been shooting their mouths off unopposed for years. People are tired of it.

You're not the only people with opinions!

Believe it or not, just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean their opinion doesn't matter or isn't right.

Sorry, guys. You lose on all counts here. You don't get to be the only ones who have a say.

e-mail:: laughingwhiterhino@yahoo.com

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