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About 350 students held a rally at City College on April 20th to protest the proposed budget cuts being put forth by the Governor. After the rally, they held a spirited, loud march wiht drums, noisemakers and booming music through downtown to the State Department building where the Governor's office is. After rallying at the State Department building, the group began to march back. Present were supportive faculty members, organizers, college students and high school students from SDSU, UCSD, City College, Miramar College, Southwestern College, SD High and more.
A breakaway march of about 50-75 people split off from the main group, outside of the lines of motorcycle cops and horse cops in riot gear. After an intense confrontation where the police pushed people, hit them with their motorcycles and bicycles, threatened them with batons and brought out a visciously barking police dog, the breakaway still refused to return to the main group. Although they tried to move their march to the sidewalk, the police still refused to let them go and tried to negotiate the route. After the students refused negotiations, the police finally gave up and let the march continue on the sidewalk back to city college. Numerous attempts were made to retake the streets, but the police used their horses to push people back onto the street.
Click Read More to read transcribed from calls from the event - Here are some reports from the Student Walk Out at City College.

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Audio from radioActive sanDiego
More Audio from radioActive sanDiego
From Santa Cruz - towards a common platform.

City College – On the lawn – Park and B Street
10:30 4 motorcycle cops Channel 8, Fox 6, WB News 5 cops on foot up on the hill 100 students – a motley crew complete with black block-sters.
10:50 200 kids. drummers, UCSD contingent has arrives. Union organizers also present.
11:00 Cops in riot gear on horses and the police paddy wagon arrive for some intimidation and good ole’ protester-harassing fun!
11:15 300 kids. Word is that SDSU students did an action earlier this morning and remain held up by the police - High school students also in attendance. The group continues to wait for the SDSU students to arrive.

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Economics 101

20.04.2005 19:16

Why do these people think a university or its students have a birthright for any subsidies from tax payers? Methinks you twits should take more Economics classes and less "Che"-mistry lessons from the Academia Nuts feeding from the public trough. feh.

Milton Koenig

number 1

20.04.2005 19:44

Yeah well back in the day community college used to be free, then this one dude whats his face, an actor of all things, and a dumbass to boot ..... i dunno but somehow he was a put in charge of california and i think some country. I forget now though.


know your shit

20.04.2005 20:40

you should first understand how the education structure works before you open your inaccurate mouth. learn about the Master plan for higher education, then use your economic skills to do the math and see how public education is getting fucked. I hate when dumb ass wanna be republicans open their trap and not know the true facts, dumbass

yo mamma on crack


20.04.2005 21:14



Yo mama on Crack?

20.04.2005 21:52

you should first understand how the education structure works before you open your inaccurate mouth. learn about the Master plan for higher education,

Master plan is code for Communism...which works for bees and ants, but NOT humans. Your stupidity is matched only by your lack of vocabulary, you..Little Churchill you. bwahahahaha

Milton Koenig

It's not about the Che or Communism...

21.04.2005 11:05

Tuition fee's are rising and been so for a few years now. Perhaps the Dr H who posted above can attest to the cuts in his/her school. The State's debt has been placed upon a group of people who are one of the least able to bear it (i.e., college students). Phil Angelides, State Treasurer has took notice of this and has made attempts to amend the Govenor's decision to rape students of the little that they do have.


Regardless of your politics, making it hard for individuals to obtain an education makes simple surviving much more difficult for them as well as the rest of the nation.



21.04.2005 12:33

Are any pictures going to be posted?



21.04.2005 14:38

Milton Koenig,
First, can you discuss the distinct differences between communism and The master plan for higher education? You speak a lot, but you dont provide any facts or stats. Second, my vocabulary is excellent. im sorry if im not providing elementary terms (in which you can understand)and evidence about this problem. So please provide evidence or anything other than your shaky rhetoric for your argument.

yo momma

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