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Jen from Richmond Indymedia was in San Diego in early August to document resistance to border vigilantes and returned this month to witness the failure of the Friends of the Border Patrol at the hands of grassroots mobilizing.

Jen was a guest on Free Radio Santa Cruz's Indynewswire show on September 26 to discuss the recent demonstration that took place in the California border town of Calexico. (13:45 / 6.3 MB)

Jen Discusses Resistance to Border Vigilantes -

Come check out:

Jen's Reportback From The Border

on Thursday, September 29
7:00 - 9:00 PM

Resource Center for NonViolence
515 Broadway at Ocean
Santa Cruz

Breaking Border Paradigms

Delete The Border

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A wee correction

26.09.2005 21:42

I am fairly amazed at the poor information this "Jen" person is giving out as "fact." For instance, she characterizes border residents as people who scapegoat immigrants.

In point of fact, border residents are daily victims of people who come over the border and steal, rape, vandalize, burglarize and endanger legitimate drivers on our roads. As a resident, I'm tired as hell of having to constantly defend my family and property from these folks. I happen to think that I have a right to sleep safe in my bed at night - yet ignorant and one-sided activists like "Jen" seem to feel that I don't have this right.

If she expects to have any credibility as a person who cares about human rights, she needs to acknowledge that what is happening to residents is wrong and stop calling the victims names.

Somebody's Mother

Cuchoo Cuchoo for Coco Puffs!

28.09.2005 12:14

> In point of fact, border residents are daily victims
> of people who come over the border and steal, rape,
> vandalize, burglarize and endanger legitimate drivers
> on our roads.

Huh. Interesting. If you know of any such crimes, don't you think you should do something about it? Like maybe calling the police or something?

I mean Jesus Fucking H. Christ, if you're aware of rapes, murders, and such things, it's your duty to report such crimes to the police -- or to the FBI. The FBI certaiunly likes to hear from you types.

What? You _haven't_ reported these crimes?

Golly. What a mystery. _I_ certainly would report such crimes if _I_ knew about them. I wonder why you haven't.

Fredric L. Rice
e-mail:: frice@skeptictank.org
Homepage:: frice@skeptictank.org

Of COURSE they're reported, you fool!

28.09.2005 17:20

These crimes are reported all the time - the main exception being the rapes and other mistreatment that mexican women endure for the sake of getting to the U.S. Hang around out here long enough and, sooner or later, you'll get to hear one screaming out in the hills. It isn't pretty and it doesn't take long to become a member of the smugglers-should-be-shot club.

The inTELIgent question for Sr. Rice to ask is why he and Jen and all the others ignore that information and continue to heap abuse on the victims.

Why don't you try LEARNING something about the people and places you invade before you start making knee jerk judgements about them?

Somebody's Mother

I have to say it again!

28.09.2005 18:19

Well somebodys mother. I have toi state this again. It is quite simple. THEY DONT CARE! The protesters dont care we are being assulted, murdered, fences cut,womenraped,citizens killed on the freeways by wrong way drivers, animals being murdered because they bark at aliens and the environment being ruined by this mass migration. To them the end justifies the means. In their opinions , we have no rights!

To them it is OK we have 35% of criminals in our State Prisons as Illegal Aliens. They are pro gang, pro smuggler, pro chaos, pro slavery and pro coorporation, since the cooporations are the only ones benifiting by this.
Vile vermin and sub human all. THEY WORK FOR GEORGE BUSH!!

A Real Patriot

Man are you on the wrong track!

28.09.2005 18:28

And Mr Rice if you think I am wrong.
I have lived within sight of the border for over 15 years. I personally have had my buildings broken into, animals poisoned by smugglers and been threatened personally at my front door by the drug cartel. Why do you support the misery industry and Slave (cheap) labor? Dont these people deserve a reformed immigration system and a better way of life?
By supporting the cartel and the coorporations you are commiting the very crime you are trying to prevent! STUPID!!

A Real Patriot

why is there so much hate?

04.08.2006 08:50

you know, the bible says that GOD created the heavens and the earth. men just want to do their own thing, they want to rule and control, this land is no ones, we are just passing by, we live, we die. the love of many will grow cold now a days. and racists use the word illegal aliens, but the correct way to say it would be undocumented immigrants. God bless you all.


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