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Now the Minutemen have plans to move up to the US-Canadian border, but migrant-rights groups are ready to confront them.

Here is the program:  http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=14355

Here is the program:  http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=14355

TRT 10 minutes.

Summary: Listen to an interview with Harsha Walia of No One Is Illegal-Vancouver about demonstrations against the Minutemen at the US-Canadian border.
Credits: Produced for CKUT (90.3FM) community radio in Montreal by Aaron Lakoff. Please email me after you use this program ( aaron@resist.ca)
Notes: The Minutemen are a group of volunteer vigilantes who have been patrolling the US-Mexican border in an attempt to prevent migrants from crossing. In the past, they have been responsible for humiliating, harassing, and beating migrants who attempt to cross this treacherous border.

Now the Minutemen have plans to move up to the US-Canadian border, but migrant-rights groups are getting ready to confront them.

We spoke with Harsha Walia of No One Is Illegal in Vancouver. NOII-Van held a demonstration against the minutemen at the US-Canadian border on Saturday, October 1st. Contrary to the Minutemen, NOII are demanding regularization for non-status people and free movement for all.

For more information:

Homepage:: http://noii-van.resist.ca

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My, my!

04.10.2005 14:59

It must be difficult to keep your agenda on track, when you can find so little about the opposition that's bad. Looks like you're getting so desperate for material, that you've got to make up stuff that isn't even there, just to have something to bash.

Calling the Minutemen "vigilantes" when they aren't, "racists" when they're not, and complaining about "harassing and beating" people when they don't. A pretty pitiful performance all around, in your frenzy to denigrate a group that does nothing more than find people breaking the law, and turn them over to the cops... often after giving the needy ones free food and water. And you can't even refer to your own side without fibbing long and hard, calling them "immigrants" and pretending they're innocent, while carefully leaving out the fact that what they are doing is completely illegal.

Everything you seem to stand for is so based on lies, I get the feeling that if you folks had to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, you'd vanish completely.

My sympathies.


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