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There are many reasons why our organization rejects borders completely. Here are a few:

Disclaimer: We are idealists. We believe in utopia. The world is filled with hopeless cynics. It does not need any more of them. The status quo is fueled by greedy pessimism. The more that we struggle and work together, the more we learn from each other, the more our hopes, dreams and desires are reinforced.

-Borders only exist for the poor. For foreign elites it is relatively easy to migrate to the US. For poor people the country is off limits.

-At the point on the map where the US and Mexico meet, there is for all practical purposes a border that is only one sided. That is, Anyone can pass freely into Mexico, but only those with “citizenship” can pass into the US.

delete The Border
delete The Border

-For the rich, for corporations and for capital, borders don't exist. While the rhetoric of freedom and liberty is thrown around regularly we actually take these things seriously. We are all subject to innumerable controls in our daily lives, but millions of people in this country have been stripped of the right to exist, their very being deemed illegal. This is an abomination.

- Furthermore, immigration controls, like other forms of racism, create a class of people who have less rights and are more precarious in the living and working situations. Having such a class of people at hand only serves to make all people more likely to have less rights, as well as to divide people with the threat of putting them into such a class. Think Apartheid, but this time poor whites and African American’s are pitted against poor migrants so that everyone loses except corporations and a handful of folks at the top.

- European immigrants who stole this land 150 years ago through genocidal aggression would like everyone to forget the history of this land and its peoples. They would like to write-out this controversial history of racism, aggression and the resistance to it. Erecting borders and hiding behind so-called morally neutral laws, written and enforced by a government built upon this shameful history does not obscure basic moral questions about the way we treat other human beings.

Migrant people are subject to beatings, detention for years without trial and deportation, often splitting and destroying families forever. And while the privileged amongst us cross through the turnstiles at the port of entry, more then 3300 people have died, and tens of thousands have been incapacitated crossing through the deserts to get to this side of the

- We take very serious the belief that every human being is inherently equal, valuable and deserving of rights. Borders, “citizenship” and migration controls are a means of saying that one person is more valuable and deserving of rights, and dignity than another person. And not only is it a way of saying some people are more valuable, it is a way to justify and give license to the cruel exploitation and gagging of millions of people.

And lets be very clear. To willfully ignore all of this or to say that it is acceptable because people had a choice to migrate is disgusting, immoral and inaccurate.

When discussing migration, often the most bigotted and ignorant thoughts come to the minds of U.S.ers - invasion and disease, joblessness and a loss of culture. People cannot understand our desire to tear down the border they so mistakenly think keeps them safe. "They would all move here." or "It would destroy the country" as well as other ideas loaded with similar racism and xenophobia surface in the public language.

As equally powerful as the physical wall, is the symbolic or psychological significance of the border. For many in the U.S., the wall is a point at which the great other, all that is bad and out of control can be kept out. Hundreds of millions of people, including many people in the organic collective, have a very different experience. There is no validity to the claims made by many border vigilantes that they are stopping terrorism at the border. The border, to the millions who have encountered it, is terrorism.

Migrant people bring money into our economy, they do not drain the economy, as the common misconception holds. Here is a good study explaining it.

As Anarchists, we want Autonomy and Freedom. What kind of Freedom and Autonomy do people have if they don't have Freedom of Movement and the Right to Stay? How free are people if they can't choose where they want to live?

We are working to create a world without borders or war. We are
working for a world of self-governed communities, based on mutual aid and human dignity, which are more democratic and humane than the nations we see today which are built on genocide and protected by fences, hired killers and guns.

For similar campaigns around the world, see:
 http://noii.org.uk - No One Is Illegal - UK
 http://solidarityacrossborders.org - Solidarity Across Borders
 http://noii-van.resist.ca - No One Is Illegal - Vancouver
 http://noborder.org/ - The No Border Network

The organic collective is an Anarchist collective in San Diego whose mission is to organize creative resistance at the intersections of oppressions locally and globally, and to nurture the emergence of futures shaped by autonomous spaces and collective liberation.

Homepage:: http://deleteTheBorder.org

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-- San Diego Indymedia volunteers
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Just to set the record straight

05.10.2005 09:01

When you say that migrant people bring money into the economy, the more correct atatement would be that migrant people bring money to the corporate entities that rule this country. Their affect on the rank and file citizen, is to undermine our ability to impose decent behavior on those corporate super-citizens. As long as people come in who are willing to work for minimum wage or less, it hurts everyone - except the corporate entities.

Furthermore, it's important to understand what a nation is. Nations are essentially economic units created by whatever groups of people have banded together and made a pact among themselves about how they will conduct their day-to-day business.

Imagine an extended family that has acquired property and homes together and is using teamwork to promote the economic advancement of the group. Let's say a bunch of people move in from next door without asking and start using their stuff and eating their food and generally behaving like they have a right to take that stuff. Could you realistically expect the group to passively accept this? Or would you expect them to tell the interlopers to get the hell out off their property? I promise you that, in any culture you care to name, it would be the latter. These same folks might be likely to extend charity or even let new people in voluntarily, but they would insist on being asked first and to negitiate the terms of entry.

Now, take the next step and imagine that the people next door refuse to leave, and even threaten group 1 with extinction if it won't give up its food and wealth. Again, I guarantee that, if group 1 has the ability to do so, it will resist with whatever force it has available.

A country is the same and, looked at this way, it should be understandable that most people in the U.S. don't like what's goping on vis a vis the border and are becoming angry that their chosen leader won't put a stop to it. Is it going to make them more accepting of the situation if protestors constantly bully and threaten them? No. It's just going to make them more angry.

Open borders and freedom of movement for all is a nice vision in its way, but it's not going to happen under any circumstances. Group 1 is not going to give up its stuff without insisting on the right to know what the people from group 2 are going to give them for it.

You can prove me wrong, of course. I live a long way out of town and I absolutely need a car or I'll starve. Give me your address so I can come down there and take your car. Or your neighbors' car. Either would do. You will have proved to me that you are solidly living out your own ideals.

buy american


05.10.2005 18:34

There were a few typos in this version. In particular, the study about economic impacts was accidentally left out. It is here:


The most recent version of this document can always be found here:




06.10.2005 01:22

Apply the "immigrants rights" advocate's logic to Iraq where up to 70% of Iraqi workers are unemployed while US contractors hire thousands of cheap labor immigrants from India, Philipines, Indonesia, etc.

Why don't these great humanitarians go to Iraq and wave their "no borders/immigrants first" nonsense there?

Hint:It's the same reason they don't go to Iraq and wave their "Support the US Troops" banner.


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