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A modest contribution to fighting ignorance and racism. Our soundtrack of the resistance. I would really dig it if someone were to burn this to CD, share it and or blast it at an action opposing Minutemen.


A modest contribution to fighting ignorance and racism. Our soundtrack of the resistance. I would really dig it if someone were to burn this to CD and blast it at an action opposing Minutemen.

Much love and respect to the kids with the video cameras. Keep up the good work.

The Minute KKKlan Campo, Ca


TRT 29:30 Stereo 128/44 27meg mp3

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awesome work

05.10.2005 14:28

this is fucking brilliant. thanks alot for compiling all this great audio into such a great mix. i'm sure we'll get a chance to play this for them sometime soon in the middle of the night in the desert.

No Borders, No Nations, No War!


Way Cool!

05.10.2005 14:56

Thank you so much!

More power to ya! And thanks again, for fighting the good fight.


Upstart Radio


05.10.2005 15:57

I'm one of the so-called racist pigs, but I have to give you props - this was f**king funny, and really well done.

You guys have a sense of humor totally lacking on this side of the line.

I almost wet my pants laughing.

Grand Wizard

Ah yes...

05.10.2005 17:01

Interesting you call yourself "Grand Wizzard" and a "so-called racist" in one short comment. Now THATS funny!

By the way, Upstart Radio is so named after the war spoof Duck Soup by the Marx Brothers. Ya gotta have a sense of humor when dealing with Jokers like the Minutemen.

Glad you liked it. :) Many more to come.

Upstart Radio

Need more samples

05.10.2005 17:39

Did not get the "Duck Soup" reference, thanks for the 411.

The phone call samples of Linda Chase are side splitting. More goof phone calls are needed for the next mix. Also - the "retard request hour" of the meltdown when the guy is screaming "Don't come down here or we will shoot" made my sides ache. Yipes - are all the folks on our side this issue so shrill?

I actually hope you deal this up over the weekend. It has been very boooooring out here, and something fresh is needed. Nobody will be laughing harder then me.

Bring it on.



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