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Oct 3 - The United States Customs and Border Patrol reported that a record number of undocumented immigrants perished en route to the US during the last fiscal year. The news follows the release of government statistics showing that immigrant arrests have spiked in recent years.

The Border Patrol told reporters that at least 460 people died trying to cross the Mexican-US border since October 1, 2004, most along routes through the desert badlands along the Arizona-Mexico line. The death toll was far higher than the previous year’s 383.

Critics of US immigration policy blame the government’s increasing militarization of the US-Mexico border for the rise in deaths among would-be immigrants. In 1994, the federal government launched Operation Gatekeeper, an exhaustive initiative to close down a smuggling route between San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico, pushing migrants to less-well-patrolled and more dangerous crossing points.

In 2003, the agency issued a new National Border Patrol Strategy that specifically cited closing down the three main corridors used for illegal crossings as a top priority to fight both potential terrorism and the smuggling of drugs, weapons and people.

The rising deaths "shouldn’t surprise anyone," said Claudia Smith of the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation. "They are pushing people into more remote areas where the chances of being rescued are minimal," Smith told the San Diego Union-Tribune. "All they have accomplished eleven years later is the shifting of undocumented traffic from densely populated areas to the most remote areas."

The Border Patrol has been running advertisements in the Mexican media warning of the dangers posed by crossing the border illegally. In addition, the agency conducts search and rescue missions that also serve to prevent immigrants from entering the country.

Despite these programs, over 2,000 people have died attempting to make it into this country since 2000, according to numbers compiled by the Mexican government.

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Quite Telling

05.10.2005 20:53

This is quite telling of just how a horrible nation the United States really is.....especially considering the amount of raw manpower needed to put a gun to every-last-one of these dead people's heads.


When are you 'open border' pschos going to realize that THEY take the chance on crossing the border - no one forces them to do it. AND you might want to consider those lovely humanitarians, the 'coyotes' that take money from them to get them across the border....only to leave them twisting in the wind in the middle of the Sonoran Desert.

There's a special on CLUES in Aisle 5....get one.

There would be LESS DEATHS like these if a proper - and enforceable - border fence were to be erected along the entire border.

Now that's a better idea, huh? Unless you WANT them dead since it only serves YOUR screwy agenda.

Enjoy raising awareness over a non-issue on the corpses of dead illegal aliens.


Another game of trans border volleyball?

06.10.2005 22:40

People take the chance in crossing the border without documentation not because a person forces them to do it but rather on account of the economic policies that are in place such as those of NAFTA and of the WTO. This elimination of a person and replacing it with a policy makes it difficult to directly attack the source. Another reason people cross in such a manner is because of the time/cost factor. It costs around 2,000 USD and the wait can last for years. How do you wait years when you can't wait years to earn money for the next meal to feed your family? A great cause of such migration is the practice or argicultural dumping allowed by NAFTA in which the US began putting highly subsidized agricultural excess in Mexican markets and selling at sub standard rates. This has put many Mexican farmers out of work along with the destruction of the ejido system (again because of NAFTA) and sent them here to "el norte". So no one forces them because that makes it difficult to change the forces of no man. Much like Odysseus was "noman" when Cyclopes, in pain at having eyes gauged out, screamed "no man has blinded me." So noman (NAFTA) has forced them to decide to migrate.

The border also empowers the coyotes, who take money from undocumented economic refugees from Mexico to get them across the border that until 11 years ago was just an imaginary line. It is profitable to the coyotes "to leave them twisting in the wind in the middle of the Sonoran Desert" because the border exists. There was no need for coyotes because there was no enforced border. Strange how not having a border here has not caused problems for who knows how many hundred thousands of years until recently and how coyotes or human smugglers emerged at exactly the same time.

There would be more, not less, deaths if the border were to become a "proper - and enforceable - border fence" because this does not address the US-caused economic policy pressure to migrate.

There would be LESS DEATHS like these if a proper - and enforceable - border fence were to be erected along the entire border.

No more deaths of humans on the border.

- A no border supporter

No border supporter


17.11.2005 04:30

Right...a fence will keep the undocumented ALIENS out. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

In response to the high death incidence human >>>humanitarians>cross>>“American Eagle”<<< in the front, and inside there is a dollar coin “with a telephone number were the migrant” can call someone to sell the shoe back.

History has shown that immigrants are treated based on the economy of the United States; this is also known as “push and pull” (rejection and acceptance. When America lacked labor workers for agriculture and railroads workers were recruited (pull factor) from Mexico and "Oriental" countries. Currently the border has “gone up” which means that it is harder to cross (push factor). After the terrorist attack on 9/11 homeland security implemented tighter immigration laws. Furthermore, the United States has a current economic deficit of 108 billion dollars. The latter explains the reasons for push and pull factors of the U.S. which influence American sediment towards undocumented immigrants.

IMMIGRANTS HAVE BEEN USED AND ABUSED. THEY ARE PEOPLE LIKE YOU, ME... They help keep prices down by working low wages... IS THAT NOT A "GOOD" :o) THING?


And as for as the term "undocumented ALIEN"...WATCH OUT THEY MAY COME OUT TO HAUNT YOU. WAHAHA!

"Martha Stewart"

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