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The mintuemen had planned a press conference on the steps of the california capitol today to announce their initiative for the california border patrol and show how great they are. A diverse group from all over California including working class people and directly affected communities showed up to say otherwise.

Update: Press Release on Arrests


The minutemen were walled off from the protesters by CHP, horses and riot cops. About 350-500 protesters from San Francisco, San Diego and other cities were there to try to disrupt the event and provide a counterpoint to their racist messages. Less than half as many people, 150, were at the Minutemen rally.

While the Minutemen were making their speeches, numerous people tried to get past the lines to disrupt the activities. The Sacramento police used tazers numerous times. The sound of tazers clicking were "all over the place". One protester was held to the ground and tazered at the same time. There were 3 arrests, including one felony arrest with a 30,000 bail for a protester who was allegedly "resisting arrest". Demonstrators describd the police actions as "brutal", saying they were charging the crowd and "a lot of people were getting beat up".

Listen to the phone reports from Sacramento here:

Police defend racists, people resist
Police defend racists, people resist

The action began in the morning at 10am, with a main group marching through Sacramento to the site of the Minutemen rally. The group arrived at the Minutemen rally location and began letting the Minutemen know what they think of them.

Later in the day, another group focused on attempts to shut down the rally. Some protesters tried to enter the rally site, while others tore down one of the fences which was protecting them. the smell of stink bombs was in the air at the Minutemen rally as well.

While the Minutemen were making their speeches, numerous people tried to get past the lines to disrupt the activities. The Sacramento police used tazers numerous times. The sound of tazers clicking were "all over the place". One protester was held to the ground and tazered at the same time. There were 3 arrests, including one felony arrest with a 30,000 bail for a protester who was allegedly "resisting arrest". Demonstrators describd the police actions as "brutal", saying they were charging the crowd and "a lot of people ewre getting beat up".

The police tried to protect the racist Minutmen, pushing demonstrators back with batons and horses. The crowd refused to back off and resisted being forced out.

The California Anarchists for Gilchrst's Election wsa on hand to announce their project and show the ridiculouness of the electoral process show who Gilchrist really is, and say that a vote for Gilchrist is a vote for revolution!

The demonstrators felt that their presence there was definitely known and that Sacramento was a great opportunity to strengthen the existing anti-fascist and No Border networks that are already taking shape. They made their message clear that the Minutemen are a small symptom of a larger system of racist exploitation known as capitalism. People were passionate about stopping the Mintemen and did not back down when told to.

On November 26th, the Frente Zapatista of Tijuana hsa called for a boycott of the border, asking the Mexican people to not cross into the US and buy products here and asking people in the US not to buy products here either. They are caling on people to boycott war, racism and empire by not buying products in the US the day after Thanksgiving.

Jail solidarity actions in Sacramento will continue throughout the night.

For more information, see:


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Please don't remove this post

30.10.2005 08:15

Why is it when "activists" have their rallies disrupted it is an attack on free speech, but when "activists" disrupt another rally it is something to be celebrated?

And instead of removing my comments as seems to be happening often, can you please offer an explanation for those of us that enjoy logical consistency.

Brian McGee

corporate media reports

30.10.2005 10:09


The Sacramento Bee estimated 600 protesters and has photos.


Associated press estimates 700 protesters.


Answer Brian's questions

30.10.2005 11:54

I had the same thoughts as Brian. You disrupt someone's speech and it is a celebration, but the same does not apply to you. Why can't you let these people speak? Are you afraid of their message?

You had an article about some guy who disrupted President Bush's speech. When he was removed from the venue, so others could listen to the president, your group contended that it was a violation of this guy's free speech. No, we don't want to hear him, we were trying to listen to the president.

Your article indicates that the minutemen are facists. I have asked this group many times to show the facism, but the only evidence provided is my calling the minutemen facists. I ask again because you use it in your article, how are the minutemen facists.


The Independent Media Also Reports the Crowds

30.10.2005 15:37

Were equal in size.

Agree with the earlier comments. If all you can do is disrupt someone else's speech, you must not have anything to say that people want to hear.

The First Amendment Applies to all. The fact that the Open Borders Groups strive to deny this right to others betrays them as the true fascists.


santa cruz, san francisco, indymedia.us

30.10.2005 15:51

The People Confront Racist Minutemen in Sacramento

Anti-Racist Groups Hold Counter-Protest Opposing Minuteman Rally at Capitol

Indymedia.us anti-racism page

* Klan Coming to Austin


I was there

30.10.2005 16:02

I was there on the Minutepeople's side. I'm not good at counting crowds, but I thought the counter protesters numbered nearly a thousand. On our side, a little more than a hundred. But that's just my estimation.

I saw the part when things got rough at the sidewalk and it almost looked like a mosh pit. At that moment I was hoping no one could get seriously hurt, no matter who they are.

When I walked people to their van, crossing the line of Anarchists and other counter demonstrators and walking along them to cross the street, I didn't really feel threatened physically by them. One person even helped me separate them from us as we were helping a disabled young man to a van.

On the way back it was okay. I think the only roughness was between a few of them and the police.

I recognized an Anarchist I met before. Actually she saw me first. No I didn't cut my hair haha.

At the Capital steps, a skinhead looking guy was passing out National Alliance material. I had fun ruining his efforts by speaking to the people he spoke to, explaining that his group is race exclusive and not affiliated with us. He got upset and complained to his mentor, some older guy with an "88" hat. They should make their own rally and see how far they get. Not use ours to recruit. I doubt they got any new members anyways. The guy said they(he and his people) don't hate any other races. Sure looks like it when his flyer says that non-whites are turning this country into third world and he's walking around with a shaved head and a black Dickies jacket.

Take care everyone.

e-mail:: civilizedcontact@yahoo.com

to brian mcgee

30.10.2005 18:10

It's simple, Brian.

When the police disrupt an public gathering, that is state repression, yet another reason we should reject states altogether.

When people disrupt a public gathering of racists, that's anti-racist resistance, which is what we're doing.



30.10.2005 19:18


There was a very racist man, louis farakan, speaking in Washington the other day. Why wasn't that disrupted by the people who try to stop racists speach? He speaks of the "crackers" and the jews as being the problems in the world in addition to other comments about whites and jews. He is the most racist man on the airwaves, but the minutemen did not disrupt him. In fact this site promoted him. If you think this country has race problems, I would blame people like "minister" farakan. Shouldn't you have tried to keep him from speaking?
If you agree with the "minister," take one of his earlier speeches and substitute the word "black" for "cracker" and "jew" and tell me if it is now racist.


racism and white supremacy are different

30.10.2005 19:43

People speaking out against white supremacy are different than white supremacist racists. White supremacy has been responsible for millions of deaths across the globe including over 10 million native americans and over 15 million africans. If you don't understand why people should be angry and speak against that, then you should think about it.

I would suggest reading some of these essays to educate yourself on the topic before making ridiculous claims about it that reveal your own white supremacist ideas and bias.



Yes Brian, it is very simple, perhaps you

30.10.2005 19:48

know it better by it's traditional names: thuggery, mob rule, or terrorism? When one's view are so marginalized has to have no hope of acceptance through the democratic process, one resorts to violence and repression of other beliefs.

See: fundamentalism.


waah! waah!

30.10.2005 23:07

Oh poor us racists! We just want to stop all immigration! We just want to say that all Mexicans are terrorists! We just want to justify the murder of 3,500 people crossing the border, since they're all brown anyway! What about our free speech? We just want more border patrol to kill more people! We just want more fences and guns to kill people who want to cross so that we can keep exploiting them and keep our rich people in control of the world!


give me a break

minutemen enjoy state-privileged position

31.10.2005 11:25

The Minutemen endorse racist law enforcement that targets people based on their national origin. They are not really "activists" against this government. No, they want this government to more vigorously enforce its own policies that make the lives of already disadvantaged people more vulnerable and precarious. Anyone could be forgiven for failing to see such a position as being really distinct from "the government." If I shout down a government official whose policies I reject, there's no way I can be accused of depriving them of "free speech." Their position is already privileged with all the force of the state. Likewise someone who is a private citizen but who champions additional enforcement of repressive laws.


Minutemen supported by Nazi Arnold

31.10.2005 12:29

The debate about whether the Minutemen are racist or not needs to include characteristics of their supporters, namely Arnold the Nazi Actor. Like the charismatic Austrian interloper Adolf Hitler (also a former artist), Arnold is clearly operating in the interests of the corporations, not the people or ecosystem. The other support for the Minutemen comes from Micheal Chertoff and his Homeland Security goon squad, so this adds support to the arguement that the Minutemen are indeed racist and also enjoy the protection of the fascist police state..

It isn't clear to me why the Bush regime and Arnold's Nazi Actor scripts are in favor of the Minutemen with the dependency of US agribusiness on undocumented "illegal" labor. The only reason could be that the Minutemen refuse to point out economic inequality and corporations as the source of the problem, instead scapegoating poverty stricken migrants as the problem. If all the undocumented migrants just stopped coming to el norte, the agribusiness corporations would be forced to hire unionized (UFW) labor at higher wages and better health guildines against pesticide exposure. The presence of undocumented migrant labor only benefits the wealthy corporate landowners who can hire and fire migrants at will without having to pay them minimum wage. Exposure to pesticides also is a factor, without any legal recourse from documentation migrant people exposed to the pesticides are simply dismissed and deported if they show signs of illness from excess pesticide exposure..

Another question is why the Minutemen won't focus their protests on these corporate plantations instead of scapegoating the migrants themselves. It seems like a perpetual band-aid solution to try to stop the immigration across the miles of borderland when the source of the problem remains economic inequality and corporate plantations eager to profit from said inequality at the expense of the immigrants themselves. Maybe the reason the Minutemen refuse to focus on economic inequality and corporate greed as the perpetual source of the problem is then they would lose the support of Arnold and the Bush regime..

luna moth

Oh really?

02.11.2005 15:33

An American? From where? Bolivia? Colombia? Ottawa?

stupid nationalists

Greatest Hack Ever

02.11.2005 16:27

Someone hacked the PRUSSIAN BLUE forum - Check it out!


Check This Out

Think about it.

10.11.2005 21:43

How can those who claim to support workers' causes support illegal immigration? Labor is a commodity, and the price of labor, meaning your wages, is governed by the same economic realities as any other commodity. Supply and demand. One of the main points made by illegal alien advocates is that they only want to work here. That's the whole problem.

Importing labor increases the available supply, and thus decreases the price that you, the worker, can command. This serves the interests of the corporate bosses and harms the workers in this country. This system enables the capitalists to break the unions by hiring cheaper workers. What illegal immigration does is to take power from the workers of this country, who should be in a much stronger position to force collective bargaining because of a tight labor market, and hands it to the bosses.

Before we had massive illegal immigration %50 of American workers were covered by union contracts that protected them from abuse, and now it is only %10 of American workers that have union protection. Stopping illegal immigration, by whatever means necessary, is crucial to the survival of the working class as an economic force in this country.

The other tactic of the corporation to break the power of the working class, exporting jobs, also works because Americans will buy imported products instead of Made in The USA items. That goes hand in hand with the importation of labor, to reduce the demand for labor in this country at the same time they increase the supply of laborers. They are working both ends of the equation to destroy the economic power of American working class.

Why help them?

Union Worker (a dying breed)

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