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A 6,000 strong march of mostly students culminated a week of student walkouts. The march went through barrio logan and sherman heights. Many bystanders showed support, standing on their porches or on top of buildings, waving mexican flags. Lots of people from the community joined the march as it went by.

Students walked out of high schools all over San Diego and as the marches arrived at Chicano Park, the crowd roared. Some students simply didn't go to school. SDSU, City College and UCSD students were in attendance as well.

At the time of writing, the march was continuing through downtown, with up to a thousand protesters rallying in front of City College.

There were 3 girls from Hoover high arrested early in the morning, and 3 more arrests were made at 25th and Imperial.

The huge march stopped for a short rally on 25th and Market before marching down the hill into downtown.

Students at the march were discussing the possibility that the protests may continue next week.

Homepage:: http://deletetheborder.org

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