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An estimated 1500 protesters attended an anti-war demonstration at Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego on Saturday aimed at the ongoing occupation of Iraq, the Bush administration's recent announcement of a 'surge,' and expectations of an impending attack on Iran. Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers, spoke at the rally and then the protesters marched through the Gaslamp along the usual route.

The San Diego demonstration paralleled numerous demonstrations across the country, including a United for Peace and Justice protest in Washington, DC, which drew between tens of thousands and 500,000

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A lone heckler
A lone heckler

Photos of the anti-war demonstration in Horton Plaza, San Diego as part of the nationwide mobilization on January 27. The action started with a curbside vigil at 2 p.m. and featured a speech by veteran antiwar activist Daniel Ellsberg, famous for leaking the so-called "Pentagon Papers" history of the war in Viet Nam in 1971. Shortly before 3 participants marched down Fourth Avenue into the Gaslamp District, where the reactions of people dining at sidewalk tables in restaurants and bars was considerably more positive than it had been in previous peace demonstrations downtown.

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29.01.2007 22:34

its great to see so many people taking back the streets in san diego!!!

but, why don't 1500 people come out to No Border movment and anti-minutemen events?



31.01.2007 06:49

why don't 5,000 - 10,000 come to the no border and anti-minutmen brigades?


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