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Save Our Forests and Ranchlands is challenging the plans of Blackwater USA to establish a mercenary training camp in the Cleveland National Forest. If Blackwater and county officials get their way they will put a military style training facility in the southern portion of the forest.

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This property is a large mountain meadow identified as wetlands. Meadowlands are the most important biological feature of the Cleveland Forest. It is home to mountain lion and golden eagle. Against all general plan and zoning regulations it is slated to be turned into a mercenary training facility. This would be a devastating loss to the integrity of our forest.

To alert the community to this issue Save Our Forests and Ranchlands is hosting a FREE screening of the movie: Iraq For Sale The War Profiteers. It is important for our community to see this movie about mercenaries in Iraq to learn the truth about Blackwater and why their plans to establish a training camp in our forests represents a threat to our community.

WHEN: Thursday March 1st 2007
TIME: 6:30 pm
WHERE: Descanso Town Hall, 24536 Viejas Grade Rd, Descanso, CA 91916
RSVP:  http://iraqforsale.bravenewtheaters.com/screening/show/8956
INFO:  sofar@nethere.com
WEB: www.sofar.org

We hope you can make it to the movie and/or join us in our battle to protect the forest from invasion by Blackwater USA.

- e-mail:: sofar@nethere.com
Homepage:: http://www.sofar.org

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Blackwater in SD? NO WAY!

18.02.2007 19:12

I work in the Cleveland National Forest, hiking with kids every day through the very meadowlands you describe. There is no way in hell Blackwater USA, war profiteers, Inc. are going to invade our public lands.

Could you post any information you find on their plans? I am sure that info is limited for reasons of (bogus) national security, just like General Electric, Raytheon, and countless other corporations have done in the past.

Not only should Blackwater be dismantled, their activities in Iraq should be revealed. They send mercenaries in to kill, maim, and injure, and then deny negligence when their people get killed and dragged through the streets. Hearings went on in Wash D.C. last week over four of their people killed in action in Iraq.

See you at the March 1st meeting/ movie screening!

Stay diligent on this issue!

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