Reportback from The Co-Optation of Hip Hop: Speakers Part Three


On January 7, the All Peoples Revolutionary Front hosted The Co-Optation of Hip Hop at Lincoln High School's Black Box Theater. These videos show the fifth and sixth speakers, RAWfiki and Miki Vale. Samples of their words are included below.

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Breakin' The Mainstream "Norms" as a Hip Hop BBoy
"What kept me in these organizations [Zulu Nation, …] that i am in was that I was always wanting to learn. I think that's what is missing in this day and age. When I was learning a lot of these things, BBoying and stuff, there wasn't Youtube. How I was learning was from people who are around. I feel that's how you can learn your history, your cultural history. People are going to be around so you can learn from them. What's missing is a lot of [younger people] are not touching base, learning from older generations. I feel that is what is missing… They're here. They have so much knowledge… You just have to ask, you just have to go out there… If it wasn't for these organizations, I wouldn't see what capitalism and all that is doing to my culture, to Hip Hop and Filipino culture… The internet makes it so easy to not be social… I found salvation in Hip Hop. What I didn't know anything about my cultural history, I found something in Hip Hop that kept me wanting to keep going."

RAWfiki was introduced to BBoying and Hip Hop culture in the summer of 2002. Since then RAWfiki's infatuation with the dance and culture just kept growing. In 2006 RAWfiki started the process of joining the san diego chapter of the Zulu Nation and in 2007-2008 joined the Kuya Ate Mentorship program and Anakbayan san diego, an affiliate of Bayan USA, in search of something bigger than himself and being involved in the community that raised him.
Miki Vale
Womyn in Hip Hop Are Not A Commodity: Creating the Alternative
I don't want to say that the negative music gets pushed to the forefront, but it kind of seems that way. You turn on the radio and you just hear a whole bunch of wild stuff. The beats are dope. The beats are real dope. We're like 'yeah' And thats the thing with Hip Hop. We're nodding our heads yes to everything. Hip Hop is yes music. We're nodding our heads to the beats and we're like 'Yeah, yeah, I get that, uhuh, do that man.' We're affirming everything we're hearing, we're subconsciously taking that in. We're saying that's ok. It comes out in the way we treat each other. How boys treat girls… When I came up in Hip Hop it was about being artistic, it was about being different and creative. Now when you listen to the radio, it's just like one long song. I can hardly tell them apart half the time. Back in the day it was like you didn't want to be like the next one. You wanted to come up with something totally different, that was fresh and unique. That has kind of been lost in the sauce."

"Women are not a commodity in Hip Hop. A commodity is a marketable item produced to satisfy wants and needs. Being that Hip Hop is pretty much run by white men, men in general, women are used as commodities many times. Its a patriarchal establishment, and we become examples of what men want and need… We also need other images as well, other positive images"

"Don't let anything stop you. If the boys club won't let you in, start a girls club. And let the boys come over to the girls club if they want to."

Miki Vale has collaborated with some of Hip Hop's elite including OHNO, Dudley Perkins aka Declaime, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Kankick, Oddisee and more. In 2007, Miki was nominated for a San Diego Music Award for Best Hip Hop Artist and Best Hip Hop Album. Miki Vale has earned her stripes and due praises by opening for such notable artists as Slick Rick, Mos Def, Bahamadia, Loot Pack, Declaime, Too Short, Living Legends, Souls of Mischief, The Roots, DJ Quik, Young MC, and more. Her snippet/single "The New Dope"recently debuted and Miki is back in the lab, working hard on her solo debut album, set to he "UnValed" soon.

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