U-T Editorial Page Crude


U-T Editorial Page Crude

By Betty Boobs

How to begin?

How, or even why to bother, addressing the evermore evolving hypocrisy of the San Diego Union-Tribune opinion pages? (Only because too many naïve people are willing to accept this standard as a quality news empire). San Diegans have become inured to intellectual garbage for so long they tend to assume it normal.

Not that everyone hangs with bated breath—but there you had it—a one two punch. That is on Saturday January 21st U-T opinion page starring in one corner a seemingly punchy Breen cartoon taking another shot at President Obama juxtaposed to one crappy jab by Crap&hammer: “GOP Suicide March”. Yet neither of these lead opinion pieces deserved to be thought as reaching human level of intelligence as both exuded little save imbecilic prejudice).

On the left of the editorial page Steve Breen plays “crude” on supposed crude oil politics with his cartoon, more or less, stating Obama rejected the Keystone Pipeline for “political” reasons. And thus he insinuated playing politics is somehow a bad or cheap thing (which is an ironic opinion coming from a political cartoonist, and on an editorial page in which said employees play nothing but politics?).

Then on the right to this inanity of a cartoon you have the low-heel, blackguard, crap-hammerism spewing forth lowly forms of political clichés, as supposed talking points for a intelligent contingency of the continent, again against Obama. (To imagine that some major newspapers still bother to reprint this kind of subnormal quality of opinion is baffling—even if from a so-assumed-as-sanctified Washington Post.) syndication). And the Union-Tribune claims to have modernized and re-created a customer-friendly newspaper?

Steve Breen ought discover the word crude to be synonymous with words like unrefined and unprocessed. How else could one suggest the only reason the pipeline would be rejected is because of political reasons as opposed to environmental and health reasons or that such reasons are highly relevant? Is San Diego overall that stupid that they would buy this kind of smear campaign? Is Steve Breen equally that dense or does he have to comport his work to the “loose” and “corrupt” intellectual standards of the rest of the editorial board?

Meanwhile you have a nut job, who somehow has managed to stay out of the nuthouse (save the Washington Post masthead as groupie coalition), who continues to hammer away about how President Obama is primarily the blameworthy person for our nation’s national debt and the high rate of unemployment.

Even a high school graduate can figure out the state of the economy, at any given time, is related to “many” factors over “many” time frames, and that four or less years in office can hardly make that much of a difference on such a complex reality as the soft social science known as economics.

Economics is not some hard science that can rationally be explained and manipulated. It is affected by all kinds of material (including the environment), financial, psychological, social, and political variables. So why is it that just because “Politicos” who want to get elected and go around blaming one another with simplistic, cut-and-dry, explanations about the economy, expect most Americans to follow suit with such horse-shit folly?

What level of reading and thinking skills do California and Washingtonians have? One can readily realize we are not the brightest nation in the world but are we really that retarded that we want to settle for this level of intellectual engagement (or the lack of)?

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