Radio Pulso del Barrio Celebrates their Launch Party with the Commuity!


Radio Pulso del Barrio Celebrates their Launch Party with the Community!

Today in Logan Heights Radio Pulso del Barrio Celebrated their Launch Party with the Community! Radio Pulso del Barrio is a local radio station in San Diego that values bilingual art, culture, and education. With the help and support of the Logan Heights community, the organizers designed, built and continue to maintain the life of the station to 'empower its neighborhoods by giving residents a voice'.

Today's event included food, live bands, dancing, and local artist. Many people came out to enjoy the music, the art, and learn a little more about the radio station that is here to talk about what's happening in their community, local events, and plays music the community wants to hear! Radio Pulso del Barrio has found a home and from the turn out at todays event, the community has welcomed them with open arms!

To learn more about Radio Pulso del Barrio tune in online at

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