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First: JULY 15, 2 PM Meeting with UCSD Chancellor Khosla. For the FIRST TIME, representatives of the Che Cafe Collective and CCSN will meet with Khosla to see if he will call off the eviction. We need a big crowd to rally outside the meeting. Please come if you can and spread the word!

[Directions to Office of the Chancellor at . Enter search for "Office of the Chancellor". Address is University Center 107. Facing UCSD Town Square. Just south and west of Price Center.]

Meanwhile (and unless/until the Chancellor calls off the eviction) we still need people to sign up for the Rapid Response Team. Day or night, 24/7, a group text message will go out to the RRT if the Sheriffs show up to execute the eviction. Signing up means you pledge to go to the Che Cafe immediately, asap, to rally, protest, witness, film, et cetera. The press will also get the notice. Over 200 have signed up so far. We would like to double that. Sign up form (and description of purpose) is at

The Che Cafe is guarded 24/7 by the occupiers. Starting on March 24, this is the longest sit-in in UCSD history! The sit-in has spawned an upsurge in the number and diversity of events and shows at the Che. Check and for upcoming events and news.

A statement marking the 100th day of the occupation was issued by the collective and is at
Various items requested and types of support are spelled out.

[start che cafe collective]

It is the 100th day of the occupation of the Che Cafe and we are going stronger as ever. We want to give our deepest gratitude to everyone who has been involved in this struggle, whether you’ve been or are an occupier or supporter, we have a deep love for everyone who has joined with us in solidarity.

Today we will celebrate this milestone keeping in mind this struggle is far from over yet. We ask you to celebrate with us by doing as many of the following things you can:
-join the occupation or continue to show your support by attending our shows and events. you can find our calendar of scheduled events here facebook(dot)com/
-consider donating to https://tinyurl(dot)com/checafedonation. whether a lot or a little, it’s sincerely appreciated.
-help keep the occupation going by donating vegan food(rice, beans, lentils, pasta without eggs in it, fresh spices, tofu, cereal, vegetables, fruits, bread) kitchen supplies, books, toilet paper, paper towels, tables, lamps, or anything else you can think of that we could use.
-volunteer at a show or event
-join the collective and attend our meetings mondays at 7pm
-continue supporting your local diy scene by starting new spaces, going to shows, booking your own shows, starting a band, or hosting events The Che Cafe is still alive and we’re still going, stronger than ever. We will keep pushing for autonomy and liberation, both here in San Diego and elsewhere, and we highly encourage you to join us and other autonomous spaces in solidarity and fight for a free world where we’re all free and liberated

with love and power the che cafe collective

[end che cafe collective]

The legal appeal of the eviction (unlawful detainer) lawsuit ruling is progressing, slowly. In late May the court sent a bill of $500 for the preparation of the clerk's transcript of the trial. The collective paid the bill promptly. It should take 30-40 days for the transcript to be done (so, any time now). Opposing parties will then get notice of the schedule/deadline for submission of briefs. Then, it will be up to the appellate court to decide.

Using the California Public Records Act, CCSN has obtained from UCSD a list of alumni and other donors. It is about 1000 pages and cost a bit over $200 in copy fees. We will be getting a larger list, covering more years, shortly. The list gives names and dollar amounts. No contact info. We need volunteers to help "google" names and dig up contact info for people on the list. We are/will be asking donors to STOP -- to join the Alumni Boycott of UCSD Donations (see ). We announced the boycott with 700 leaflets handed out at the 2015 Alumni Weekend. It will take time to grow the boycott, but few tactics have more influence on the UCSD administrators than this one.

We need everybody who is an artist or who knows one to join, or recruit them to join the Artists Boycott of UCSD. All of the arts. Not just punk bands. Know any symphony conductors? poets? actors? choreographers? ... To learn more or to join the boycott, go to

Anytime we get a "heavyweight" artist to join the boycott, we can issue a new press release. The growing boycott by members of the arts community is an embarrassment to the University administration and an important form of pressure.

CCSN has various work groups that all need more volunteers. You? Most of us are volunteers in the Save the Che Cafe campaign. Two lawyers and one historic site preservation expert are the exceptions - paid very discount rates. We have been going for over a year now and people step up and step back. We have constant need of NEW people to keep all the work going. Please look over the (attached) work groups and pick ONE. (The Alumni Boycott work group is a new addition to the list.) These are CCSN committees NOT committees of the Che Cafe Collective. If you want to help run the Cafe, staff shows or the kitchen, work on the financial records and statements, etc., attend a meeting of the collective, Monday nights at 7 PM at the Cafe.

The CCSN work group on the preservation of the Che Cafe as an historic site is nearing completion of the legally required report and documentation for nomination for the state and National Register designations. The Save Our Heritage Organization (SOHO) of San Diego has listed the Che Cafe on it's 2015 Top 10 Most Endangered Sites. (See more at )

Finally, literally, the "bottom line" -- FUND RASING. Legal expenses have topped $20K, so far. We expect that, at some point, in order to secure a new long term lease for the Cafe building, we may have to pay ourselves for some (long) deferred maintenance costs on the Cafe building. We have to continue to do fund raising for that, too. If we don't, the UCSD administration can continue to pretend "there's no money" and use the repairs as an excuse for not negotiating a new lease. About a year ago the collective agreed to set a fund raising goal of about $125K, to include both legal costs and potential repairs costs. People can donate online at
(scroll down and click on the "Donate" button)
or send a check or money order made out to the Che Cafe to CHE Café, 9500 Gilman Drive M/C 0323, La Jolla, CA 92093-0323.

The Che Cafe is a 501c(3) non-profit organization and donations ARE tax-deductible. Alumni looking for someplace OTHER than UCSD to donate, please take note. Contact thechecafe@gmail.comfor more information about tax deductions.


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