Pissed at Congress for Fast Track TPP Vote


While Cali Congress folks Susan Davis and Scott Peters were in Balboa Park this week waving public funds in the air [1] to local artists, a group outside the workshop at the Old Globe were picketing [2] both Davis & Peters for their YES votes to fast track the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) trade agreement.

The group protesting the vote, were representing the So Cal Fair Trade Campaign [3]. They says they is "a bi-partisan group of diverse individuals and organizations in the Southern California region working together to stop the expansion of NAFTA-style trade agreements and Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority legislation, while promoting a positive vision for the future of International trade."

The TPP is thought to be a neoliberal free trade agreement that would expand NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) modeled policies to New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei. However, specifics are not known as the negotiations were held privately and documents have not been made public (except a few drafts released through Wikileaks [4].)

While San Diego Fox 5 News was on the scene interviewing the small rally, a quick search of their webpage reveals no mention of the protest. I did find a story 5 ran about Davis raffling tickets to visit the Pope while 'e is in DC [5].

Labor and environmental groups agree that the TPP will be bad for workers and the planet, both in the US and internationally. I'm not sure how it could get much worse, but I suppose higher unemployment, less safe work conditions, and overall less oversight of labor and maintenance/disposal of toxic resources/waste would do it.

If you're into petitions you can visit [ https://www.stopfasttrack.com/ ] to sign one that encourages the 8 undecided senators to stop it. If you're pissed, chat with local organization San Diego 350 [ http://sandiego350.org/ ]. They organize around climate change and are equally pissed. Also this Fall starts the Flood the System campaign of mass direct action to stop root causes of climate change, namely capitalism [ https://floodthesystem.net/ ].

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