Fire Relief Fund for La Huerta


Support the Kumiai from La Huerta, Ensenada, after a devastating fire ravaged through their community on June 20, 2015. Due to the fire and its destruction of nearly 2/3 of the land, they are unable to feed their farm animals that grazed on the land. Working the land and tending to the animals created a source of income and jobs for community members. Today, some community members consider moving to the city for work. Also, the animals may be sold because there is no longer any food to feed them. The Kumiai of La Huerta need your support to feed the animals until winter and to keep community members from leaving.

Check out Ofelia's narrative, a kumiai women from La Huerta, of the fire at San Diego Independent Media Center's website.

This fundraiser is organized by longtime supporters of the Kumiai of La Huerta.


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