Photos: Delano Manongs Screening


As part of the 50th anniversary of the Delano Grape Strike recognition in San Diego, the Silayan Filipina National Organization hosted a screening of the half hour documentary The Delano Manongs: Forgotten Heroes of the United Farm Workers and Q&A with filmmaker Marissa Aroy and special guest Rob Bonta, the first Filipino to hold office at the California Legislature, in the nearly full 350 seat auditorium at the central library.

The documentary features interviews with key UFW organizers, such as Dolores Huerta, and interviews with Filipino youth that grew up during the strike. Includes some great found footage soundbites of late Filipino organizer "Seven Fingers" Larry Itliong.

As the subtitle highlights, the film examines the often overlooked migrant Filipino workers side to a united farm workers union with the Mexican workers during the five year grape strike. While also going into depth about the racism Filipino workers had to incur, like the criminalization of interracial marriage, and recreational weekends in the dance halls.


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