Computers for Tijuana's Etzétera

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San Diego Independent Media Center (SDIMC) facilitated getting Tijuana’s Etzétera, formerly known as Casa de Cultura Obrera, 4 Mac G5’s, 4 monitors, and 4 keyboards. Etzétera is a space for organizing against capitalism and fighting for worker rights, among other liberation work.

Etzétera is nestled in fraccionamiento Sonora, just several blocks from the busy 5 y 10. We met with one of Etzétera’s members who accepted the computers that will be used for organizing against capitalism and defending workers predominately in the maquiladora sector, among other uses. Etzétera’s space consists of a kitchen, used to sell food, event room for film screening, workshops, and events, and a smaller room that acts as an office and workshop space too. The outside has recently been adorned with Zapatista rebellious art. And there is a small garden at the side of the house where nopales and plants grow. --Read More (with fotos)--

Etzétera's Web Page (warning: f***book)