The Freedom Struggle for Indigenous Political Prisoner Orlando Watley

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Orlando Watley, a Chickasaw Native from Corcoran, California, is a political prisoner with a life sentence at Calipatria State Prison in the Imperial Valley. He was charged and acquitted for one crime, a double armed robbery and double attempted murder, and then Riverside County tried to pin another crime on him, a triple homicide, because they were trying to clear unsolved cases by targeting Native Youth and People of Color. Despite being 100% innocent, Orlando was convicted based on falsified testimony and DNA evidence, and has been in prison for twenty-two years for crimes he didn't commit.

On November 11, 2015 in Los Angeles, San Diego Independent Media Center interviewed Kanahus Manuel from the Orlando Watley Innocence Project, which is working to reverse Orlando's conviction and secure his release. Kanahus, a Secwepemc womyn warrior based in so-called British Colombia, described Orlando's case, Orlando's life as an Indigenous political prisoner, Orlando's reunion with his Mother after eighteen years, the connection of Orlando's situation to colonial repression of Native peoples on stolen lands, and the ongoing struggle for justice and freedom for Orlando Watley.

Summary Interview of Kanahus Manuel (Video: 16 minutes) || Full Interview (Video: 32 minutes) || Selected Quotes from the Interview (with Photos) || Article: Secwepemc Activist Fights for the Freedom of Chickasaw Political Prisoner Orlando Watley

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