How to post to the SDIMC Newswire

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How to post to the SDIMC Newswire

Step 1:
Go to the right-hand side of the homepage. There you will see an info box titled “Publish Your News.”

Step 2: Select “Publish to the Newswire”

1. Title your news entry
2. Select the category
3. Select the appropriate community where this news is relevant. (Decide whether it is specific to a neighborhood of San Diego or the entire region)
5. Attribute your work under “Author.” (You can remain anonymous)
6. Speak your peace! Tell the community what you want them to know in the text box.
7. Upload any relevant media. The more visually appealing your post, the more likely it is to receive attention from others. If you are covering an event and you have pictures or video, or if you have a flyer for your cause please include it here. Everything other than images should go in the first slot and images only should go in the second slot. Look carefully at the file size and type restrictions, and if you have big files, you should create as many slots as you will need before starting to upload. Then you can browse for the files, and hit preview - the files will then all upload one after another.
8. Prove that you are a human by typing in the CAPTCHA at the bottom of the page.

Wait!!! You are almost done but before you submit, it is a good idea to preview your post and make sure it is how you envisioned it - anonymous users cannot edit their posts!

Translation Note: A Español translation of this content is available here.