Sexta Semillero: Nicolette Ibarra

San Diego Indymedia Volunteer

Nicolette Ibarra

Opened with the title of participation “From Trans-phobia to trans-empowerment”. Because not everything is negative. The definition for concepts like Transgender, transsexual, homosexual, lesbian, travesty, intersexual, binaries, are given from the perspective of the participant. There is a lot of diversity among our community and we are unable to know how they identify as only by looking at people. Trans people go through many stages, they don’t always feel the same. Women who are trans are more visible them men that are trans.
Things get complicated when interacting in society, when going to the bathroom, certain civil procedures and the way people treat you. And even though you identify as a women they speak to you as if you area man.
Some trans people have the support of their families but the majority doesn’t. Exclusion, lack of opportunities, AIDS, ITS, recuperation, biological families and life families, culture and politics. Survival and overcoming, is to have more imagination then the enemy.

When we raise our voice we have new questions about what it is to be trans. Personal identity and collective identify. Mentions the US athlete that in his adult life decided to change his sex. Talks about the meeting among the US government and the LGBTQ community in which an undocumented trans from Jalisco interrupted and then many became upset, but the trans from abajo understood and supported.

The world attacks us day after day for which we have to turn to our mental faculties, social resources and be creative to contribute something transcendent in the social movement because when we are inclusive we all win.

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