Mission of the San Diego Independent Media Center

sd indymedia

San Diego Indymedia is an anarchist collective seeking to collaborate with communities and activists to challenge all forms of illegitimate authority using technology, the internet and all means at our disposal. We are part of a network of Independent Media Centers worldwide, and act in solidarity with our sisters and brothers across the globe through this network.

San Diego Indymedia works to to provide spaces for media creation and sharing for community members in San Diego and surrounding regions. We strive to support communities, activist groups and individuals whose stories often are not told or are misrepresented in media outlets owned by corporations.

Media corporations are motivated by profit and ideology, which manifests as a tendency to perpetuate oppression and exclusion, especially through the control and commercialization of social networks, as in myspace and youtube. We see Independent Media Centers as not just providing a community-based alternative to media big business, but also as a means to counter the propaganda and lies that media corporations create and use to keep people uninformed and unconcerned.

We want to make media accessible and fun. We are dedicated to teaching, empowering and supporting others, and learning from others.

Living in the border region, we see and experience the interactions between capitalism, the state, the security forces and culture to perpetuate systems of oppression, racism, environmental destruction and isolation. Independent Media plays a particularly important role in facilitating communication and networking across the numerous borders, physical and otherwise, that separate us.

San Diego Indymedia is a volunteer, noncommercial collective in which our relations are defined by working to empower and support each other, and, particularly, to support and appreciate people of color, womyn, queers, people with varying abilities, youth, elders and alternative transportation folk.

Those interested in becoming involved can start by posting to the SDIMC website and participating in one or more ongoing projects. Admission to the collective is through consensus of all active members.

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