U.S. Election 2012: Alexander Wants Unemployment Benefits Extended Indefinitely

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While members in Congress are debating for a cap on unemployment benefits, U.S. Presidential Candidate Stewart Alexander wants unemployment benefits extended indefinitely; it has only been two weeks since Stewart Alexander received the U.S. Presidential Nomination for the Socialist Party USA.

Today, there are 14.4 million Americans who are officially unemployed according to government sources; Stewart Alexander says the real number exceeds 22 million. As president, Alexander would call for unemployment benefits to be extended to any unemployed person, 18 or older, until the unemployed individual is receiving a livable guaranteed annual income.

If elected president in 2012, Alexander says his administration will support the provisions of a livable guaranteed annual income. A Guaranteed Livable Income would be an unconditional and universal income administered by the federal government and granted to individuals to ensure that no person’s income falls below what is necessary for health, life and dignity.

Alexander’s proposal is not a new concept. During his first term in office, President Richard Nixon proposed the Family Assistance Program that was intended to provide working families and nonworking poor families with a guaranteed income; the measure was defeated in the U.S. Senate. The measure received strong public support and was passed in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Presently, some members in Congress are calling for a cap on unemployment benefits, restricted to six to 10 weeks; however, Alexander says “This Congress has failed the nation’s unemployed and working people and much more is needed, not less. We need a Congress that is willing to take bold steps to assure that the needs of working people are met; the needs of the unemployed, seniors, the young, veterans, the homeless, the handicap, and the poor.”

In a recent CBS News Poll, it was noted, “As Congress wrestles with whether – and by how much – to extend unemployment benefits for those out of work, most of the unemployed (69 percent) say the federal government should pay extended unemployment benefits for at least 99 weeks, including nearly a third that thinks benefits should be extended for longer than that.”

Alexander points to the Occupy Wall Street movement; “The economy, and millions of Americans being unemployed is the reason that hundreds of thousands of Americans are now in the streets demanding good paying jobs. Recent polls have shown that more than 60 percent of all Americans support the protests; which have now spread to more than 250 U.S. cities and around the world.

Alexander is also warning against the Obama administration offering a bandage approach to create jobs for the millions of unemployed Americans; Alexander referred to President Obama’s $447 billion jobs program that recently failed to pass in Congress. “President Obama’s jobs program would have only provided a quick fix to boost the president’s election bid for a second term in the White House.”

To clearly define the needs of working people and to establish a new social and economic order, Stewart Alexander recently stated that his administration would commission an OWS Council. The OWS Council would be comprised of thousands of working people from local communities, states and working people throughout the nation. Alexander emphasized his choice to head this national council would be peace activist Cindy Sheehan and the SP Vice Presidential Nominee Alejandro Mendoza.

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