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Hip Hop Graffiti Video


The purpose of this political graffiti video and audio is to challenge Hip Hop graffiti writerz to move away from the egotistical and tag bang mentality to a more community based, revolutionary way of life. Those of us that study our surroundings and keep our eyes and ears to the streets know the Graffiti element can and should be used to educate, share and spread knowledge amongst those that refuse to be in their skkkools and kkkolleges. Also, this video is to inspire conscious people to take action and hit the streets, share and spread your knowledge too. Push away your comfortable way of life, accept and build up your warrior spirit, and take a chance to offer an alternative other than capitalism. Question the mainstream definition of success and security. We realize, yet act like we don’t, that liberation and freedom will never come from their institutions or capitalistic way of life, yet we play with it with such passion and hope. Thank you to all the OG’s that blessed us with this rebellious and resistant Hip Hop Kulture, those from way back to the present. From the cradle to the grave we stay wriding for our communities.

Wriding = used as an expression to include both writerz and riderz. The act of riding, or putting in work for a just and good cause is necessary for liberation. The act of writing, what graffiti writerz do, to share and spread knowledge to the oppressed.

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