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Kanahus Manuel Speaks on Indigenous Resistance to the Mount Polley Mining Disaster

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On May 12, Kanahus Manuel, an activist from the Secwepemc Nation, spoke at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography about the Mount Polley Mining Disaster, the failure of a tailings pond at a gold and copper mine owned by Imperial Metals, which sent 25 million cubic meters of toxic sediment down Hazeltine Creek, destroying it, and dispersing the toxins in Quesnal Lake, an important component of the Fraser River salmon spawning network. Kanahus focused on resistance to the theft and damage to indigenous lands by mining corporations and the central role that womyn play. The event was sponsored by the Ethnic Studies/Scripps Institution of Oceanography Colectivo at UCSD.

Video is 56 minutes.

For more information, check out Kanahus Manuel's Utube Channel and Submedia TV.

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