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No Nuke Dump on the Beach Presentation in Encinitas

05/25/2017 6:30 pm

Come to Encinitas on Thursday, May 25, at 6:30 pm to listen to Ray Lutz of Citizens' Oversight and to make your comments and ask questions on the topic of the nuclear waste dump currently being built. In this way, we can know what we must do to prevent 3.6 million pounds of highly radioactive nuclear waste from contaminating our property and our family, here San Diego, just a short drive from the nuclear waste dump on our public beach. What can you do to prevent Southern California Edison from placing highly radioactive nuclear waste on our beach? Come find out!

Ray Lutz, of Citizens' Oversight, will make an informational (and surprisingly humorous) presentation on the proposal to build a nuclear waste facility on the beach at San Onofre, only 100 feet from the high water mark and and just inches over the high salt water mark. Ray was recently featured on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now.

There will be time for your comments and questions. We welcome and appreciate your thoughts.

'This is SERIOUS. Edison has already spent more than $100000000.00, that's more than one hundred million dollars on building the burial site. Canisters are there. Each canister is scheduled to contain the radioactive equivalent of the entire Chernobyl disaster. There are 80 of them....each canister would be filled to the brim and each canister would weigh 110 TONS. If this HOT radioactive waste gets buried as planned, Edison admits they will have no way to inspect, maintain or repair the canisters. I attended a very disturbing meeting the other night, where representatives from San Onofre, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the company that makes the canisters, all spoke about their 'plan'. There were no contingencies for error or accident.
Please come to this meeting and educate yourself and your friends. Please make the effort and see if there is a way for YOU to throw your weight behind efforts to avoid this insane plan.' ~Kale Walker

Event Location: 
Seaside Center for Spiritual Living 1613 Lake Dr, Encinitas, California 92024

Nuclear Energy creates Highly Radioactive Nuclear Waste here in San Diego

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