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After a long struggle, San Diego Indymedia is back on the web and coming at you with ~monthly media-themed events (our next event is Friday, July 17). In a media environment dominated by corporate, commercial, anti-community monsters like f***book and utube, we are working on figuring out what our role should be and hope to post some thoughts on that in the coming months. The web site appears stable for now, but there might be a few hiccups in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience.

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Guerrilla Pride San Diego has been moved forward to Sunday, November 8 @ 2pm

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Caravana 43 San Diego, Vista, CA. Community Forum 3/25/2015. More info

The Che Cafe is struggling against UCSD's admin, which wants to evict them and demo the building. Click here for more info and ways to support the struggle.

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sdindymedia | 09/20/15 09:33pm

Two San Diego Independent Media Center representatives recently drove to Flagstaff, Arizona, to deliver 10 mac g5s, 10 monitors, and 9 keyboards to Outta Your Backpack Media, an organization that teaches indigenous youth media skills so they can document the events affecting their communities. The trip was 500 miles each way and we did it in one day.

A big shoutout to all who came to support us at the fundraiser that made this trip possible, especially the revolutionary bands who supported us: Sol Remedy and The I-Ways. Read More (with Photos)

This Friday, September 25, 7PM @ the Metate Infoshop, Colectivo Zapatista and San Diego Indymedia are collaborating to present, Cine en el Barrio: THE SNOWBOWL EFFECT directed by Klee Benally of Outta Your Backpack Media. The film chronicles the struggle over the San Francisco Peaks, sacred sites to at least 13 indigenous peoples of the area. The event will include an activity regarding our relationship to the land, a discussion and snax.

SNOWBOWL EFFECT Event Announcement || Trip Reportback || Fundraiser Rerportback || Fundraiser Event Announcement


anonymous | 09/20/15 06:51am

As part of the 50th anniversary of the Delano Grape Strike recognition in San Diego, on Saturday, September 19 the Silayan Filipina National Organization hosted a screening of the half hour documentary The Delano Manongs: Forgotten Heroes of the United Farm Workers. The event, held in the nearly full 350 seat auditorium at the central library, featured a Q&A with filmmaker Marissa Aroy and special guest Rob Bonta, the first Filipino to hold office in the California Legislature.

Read More (with Photos and Video) || Event Announcement

sdindymedia | 09/03/15 11:37pm

Support the Kumiai from La Huerta, Ensenada, after a devastating fire ravaged through their community on June 20, 2015. Due to the fire and its destruction of nearly 2/3 of the land, they are unable to feed their farm animals that grazed on the land. Working the land and tending to the animals created a source of income and jobs for community members. Today, some community members consider moving to the city for work. Also, the animals may be sold because there is no longer any food to feed them. The Kumiai of La Huerta need your support to feed the animals until winter and to keep community members from leaving.

Check out the narrative of the fire by Ofelia, a Kumiai woman from La Huerta.

This fundraiser is organized by longtime supporters of the Kumiai of La Huerta.

Click here to support || Pictures of the Community and Fire: 1 | 2

sdindymedia | 08/28/15 10:54pm

A full house crowded into the Digital Gym Cinema on August 26 for the San Diego premiere of the film Ayotzinapa: Crónica de un Crimen de Estado.

The documentary "reveals how the forced disappearance of 43 students and the murder of three others in Ayotzinapa was an organized crime of the state, and not an isolated incident."

The night of September 26, 2014, in the city of Iguala, Guerrero, in Mexico, more the 100 young students of the Escuela Normal Rural of Ayotzinapa, that had left the school to make a public collection to fund their trip to Mexico City, were attacked by police forces, resulting in 3 students dying, more then 20 injuries, and 43 kidnapped by the police, with the involvement of the Mexican military.

Two student survivors of the massacre of Iguala reconstructed the climate of impunity, corruption, and criminality that exists, not only in the state of Guerrero but in the entire country. Through an interweaving story, those interviewed tell the story of the actual decomposition of Mexico, beginning with the crime in Iguala, denouncing that this is not an isolated action, but an event with preceding criminal stories that are part of the political narco-state of Mexico.

Within a few days of the state having perpetrated the crime, tens of thousands of voices, especially young voices, echoed through streets and avenues of cities of Mexico and the world, demanding the appearance of 43 student with life, who were victims of the enforced disappearance, and denouncing this act as a crime of State, which to this day still has gone unpunished.

Proceeds from the screening benefit the families of the disappeared students.

Photos || Event Announcement || Solidaridad con Ayotzinapa: Video ||Caravana 43 || Film Trailer

sdindymedia | 08/28/15 12:19pm

While Cali Congress folks Susan Davis and Scott Peters were in Balboa Park at the Old Globe on August 11 waving public funds in the air to local artists, the So Cal Fair Trade Campaign was picketing both Davis & Peters for their YES votes to fast track the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) trade agreement.

The TPP is thought to be a neoliberal free trade agreement that would expand NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) modeled policies to New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei. However, specifics are not known as the negotiations were held privately and documents have not been made public (except a few drafts released through Wikileaks). --Read More--


sdindymedia | 08/25/15 12:47am

On August 10, Dennis Childs (Professor of Literature, UCSD) spoke about the history and significance of Malcolm X at the San Diego Central Library History Talk for the 50th anniversary of the Autobiography of Malcolm X. A collaboration between Malcolm X and Alex Haley, the book tells the story of the life of human rights activist Malcolm X through a series of interviews that took place between 1963 and his assassination in 1965.

"Something about Malcolm that doesn't often get elucidated - that is his humor, his humerous tone. What kept people rivted for 4 and 5 hours on 7th Avenue and Lenox in Harlem? What kept them riveted? Now the establishment, the media establishment during that time would have had you thought that what kept them riveted was some sort of pseudo-scientific hatred of white people, which is just preposterous. Because what he often talked about was that there was a system, a structure of terror, that made it so, with the attrocities of slavery and neoslavery and Jim Crow apartheid, that something like a healing was taking place in those moments when he was speaking in front of Oscar Micheaux's bookstore on that corner, there was something like a healing involved. And being told by someone who they trusted, who was of them, of their community, that their life meant something. In other words, the Black Lives Matter movement is something that owes part of its lineage to the movements Malcolm X was a part of, either central or tangential to."

Video (110 minutes) - will download completely before playing || Event Announcement

Más Reportajes

sdindymedia | 08/18/15 07:49pm

Please come out and join San Diego Indymedia for our monthly event - a film screening and discussion @ the Metate Infoshop on Friday, August 21, 700pm.

We will be showing Gringo in Mañanaland, a film by DeeDee Hallack that explores the strained relations that Latin America has with the United States. Halleck says at the beginning that the images of Latin America she saw in Hollywood films didn't match the reality she knew growing up in Cuba. She then uses footage of old Hollywood films, newsreels and corporate advertising films to show that, even in the early 20th century, these problematic relations between Latin America and the US were well known to Americans, even if they didn't want to recognize them.

The film will be followed by a discussion of the role of media in perpetuating racism. Additionally, there will be SNAX! drinks! STORYTELLING! media-making!

Friday, August 21, 700pm
Metate Infoshop
Harvey Milk Street between Centre and Normal
Look for the red lights – can't miss it!

Event Announcement with Flyer

sdindymedia | 07/29/15 08:13am

About 40 people gathered on Friday, July 17 for a vegan barbeque at the Purple House in City Heights to raise funds to send a carful of computers to Outta Your Backpack Media in Flagstaff, Arizona. Live revolutionary music by Sol Remedy and The I-Ways was interspersed with radical convos, veggie burgers and potato salad.

Outta Your Backpack Media is a collective based in Flagstaff that teaches indigenous youth the skills needed to document events occurring in their communities, such as camera techniques and video editing, and gives them a backpack filled with the essentials, including a camera and a laptop. The computers we are sending will be used to construct a video editing lab.

We collected enough funds to get the computers to OYBM. Sending love out to Sol Remedy and The I-Ways and to all who came out to the event to support!

Stay tuned for a report on the computer delivery road trip.

Picture and Videos || Event Announcement

sdindymedia | 07/18/15 01:31pm

The community of La Huerta, in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico experienced a wildfire on June 20-21, 2015, that ravaged through their territory. The authorities in charge of wildfires acted in negligence and were inefficient in fulfilling their duties to control the fire. Also, the La Huerta community is in need of support to continue reclaiming their culture, maintaining their way of life, and keep their lands.

A letter from a member of the community, Ofelia, describes the fire, the interaction with the authorities, and struggles the community is facing. Because of significant damage to their lands, support to the community will help them maintain their traditional ways.

Ofelia's letter, in english and español, with Photos || To Support, e-mail ehuatoma@hotmail.com

sdindymedia | 07/12/15 06:38am

This Friday at the Purple House in City Height, San Diego Indymedia is hosting a Vegan BBQ Fundraiser to support Outta Your Backpack Media, a Flagstaff collective that educates and empowers indigenous youth to report on the events affecting their communities. This is part of SD Indymedia's efforts to contribute to a network of mutually supporting independent media collectives in the region to help empower communities of change. Please come to the fundraiser to help support these efforts and indigenous media, and share this announcement with your friends. Thanks!

"Since 2004 Outta Your Backpack Media has empowered Indigenous youth through free movie making workshops and resource distribution. OYBMedia is an Indigenous youth response to the need for media justice in our communities. We seek to create community ownership of media through youth empowerment. We challenge corporate dominated media by telling our own stories and by establishing our own networks and opportunities for media distribution.

We will have Veggie Burgers, Potato Salad, Choc Chip Bars, Drinks and Music by Latin Roots Rock/Steady Reggae local band Sol Remedy (link to bandcamp page). All proceeds will go to Outta Your Backpack Media and SD Indymedia. Bring some cash for food and to donate for native youth! No one turned away for lack of funds.

Friday, July 17 @ 7PM
The Purple House
2561 44th Street, City Heights

Event Announcement w/ Flyer

anonymous | 07/06/15 11:46am

Last weekend indy and diy publishers converged in Tijuana for the first Feria de Publicaciones Independientes (Independent Publishing Fair) hosted at and around Raices Infoshop, off Avenida Revolución opposite the Arch of Tijuana.

The three day festival featured workshops and discussions on feminism, anti-border activism, anarchism, political prisoner solidarity, and film screenings, photo exhibition, bike ride, and live art and music. Zinesters and other indy media publishers from Mexico and southwestern US tabled with a variety of comics, writings, and art.

And vegan donuts. Oh boy were there vegan donuts.

The fair was hosted by Raices Cocina Vegana, a vegan cafe, social center, and radical literature space/infoshop, and Tijuana Comida no Bombas (Food Not Bombs), a collective that gathers and cooks food to give away.

Photos || Event Announcement