Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Process Begins

Abby Wilhelm

Puerto Rico bankruptcy proceedings to restructure an over $70 billion debt begin on Wednesday in San Juan. The Title III debt restructuring process was created as a part of debt crisis legislation that was signed into law last summer.

"This is a historic process," notes Eric LeCompte, the Executive Director of Jubilee USA who is in San Juan to monitor the process. "The legislation and process is unique among bankruptcy processes because it can restructure all of Puerto Rico's debt and ensures that all creditors participate in the process."

New pamphlet: Marxism and Women's Liberation

Internationalist Group

New pamphlet from The Internationalist: Marxism and Women's Liberation

For copies send US$3 or €3 to Mundial Publications, Box 3321 Church Street Station, New York, NY 10008 USA.

83 pages detailing the revolutionary Marxist program for women's liberation through socialist revolution.

Marxism and Women's Liberation: An Internationalist Group pamphlet

I Never Called For “Community Control of the Police”

Steven Argue

Indybay Censorship, Sabotage, and Defamation
I Never Called For “Community Control of the Police”
By Steven Argue

Fuck F***book: Here's Why You Shouldnt't Organize Using Social Media

sdindymedia volunteer

There are at least three reasons why organizing using social media is a bad idea:
(1) It robs us of the face-to-face relationship building that is necessary to develop the trust required to do anything that could challenge the state. f***book events are either toothless or a security risk.
(2) Governments and corporations have finely tuned their ability to use social media for surveillance. The recent revelations that social media platforms were giving Geofeedia, a firm used by pigs, preferential access and that only tw***er committed to not helping the government to build a Muslim registry are only two of numerous examples of how social media are our enemies.
(3) Relying and becoming dependent on corporate social media prevents us from working towards Autonomy. The decline of Indymedia, which corporate social media co-opted and fed off of, is one example of the losses our movements are suffering by organizing through social media.

To Defeat Trump … And the Democrats, Fight for Workers Revolution

Internationalist Group

Post-Traumatic Election Shock
To Defeat Trump … And the Democrats
Fight for Workers Revolution

Internationalist Group protests Trump and the Democrats, Los Angeles, November 9. (Internationalist photo)

Here's Why You Shouldn't Organize Using Social Media

anonymous reposted from ACLU
By: Matt Cagle follow @Matt_Cagle

The ACLU of California has obtained records showing that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram provided user data access to Geofeedia, a developer of a social media monitoring product that we have seen marketed to law enforcement as a tool to monitor activists and protesters.

San Diego Day in Solidarity with African People

10/16/2016 4:30 pm
Uhuru Solidarity Movement

The San Diego Day in Solidarity with African People is a powerful event that addresses the role that white people can play in the struggles of the black community for self-determination and an end to the terrible conditions of police brutality, lack of economic development, disparate health and education an other issues caused by colonialism within the U.S. borders.
Regster for FREE at

Join us for this event, and also register for the March for Reparations taking place on Saturday, October 15 at 10 am.

Event Location: 
Worldbeat Cultural Center 2100 Park Blvd San Diego 92101

San Diego March for Reparations

10/15/2016 11:00 am
Uhuru Solidarity Movement

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) invites local organizations and individuals to participate in the March for Reparations. Register at

Help us raise $1,000 in reparations to Black Star Industries, the foundation for a liberated African economy free from exploitation! Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People and get sponsors to help you meet your personal fundraising goal. (Pledge form is available at

Event Location: 
Meet in front of City College at 1313 Park Blvd on grass/patio in front of A street

CompArte SD Compilation Video

Adherente a la Sexta SD

We call on anyone who practices art to contribute rebellious art, resistant against capitalism, to CompArte San Diego during the week of July 10-16, 2016. Capitalism uses exploitation, displacement, repression, and disdain to attack us. CompArte San Diego is the local version, here on Kumiai land, of the Zapatista Festival and Sharing Exchange ‘CompArte for Humanity.' The location for CompArte San Diego is the streets of our barrios, classrooms, gathering places, anywhere we claim as our communities.

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