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Moron Closeup for True Understanding

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"The capitalist state never evolved beyond the level of handling people as cattle. It never reached the level of understanding that human rights are like serial parts of a big idea – protecting them for one is difficult, but for a huge population it gets easy. [...] This is an asymmetric conflict because the subject matter is so, not because of our choice.

Defending Ourselves Against the Criminal Injustice System in the Borderlands

03/07/2017 7:00 pm

Defending Ourselves Against the Criminal Injustice System in the Borderlands
Tuesday March 7, 2017 – 700pm
Metate Infoshop
// Harvey Milk Street Between Centre and Normal \\
\\ Look for the Red Lights || Can't Miss It! //

Event Location: 
Metate Infoshop // Harvey Milk Street Between Centre and Normal \\ \\ Look for the Red Lights || Can't Miss It! //

Syrian Government Forces Disclose American Propaganda


The following picture displays a dispatch of American-made propaganda Syrian government forces said they confiscated from an American spy disguised as an United Nations staffer. It seems some security contractors employed in the Syrian war are producing special materials for their staff in an apparent attempt to tighten corporate discipline. What is interesting about this one is that it is not targeted at the Arab population, and that it has a non-disclosure stamp which alone makes it worth to direct some public attention at it.

Syrian Government Forces Disclose American Propaganda

General Strike Against Trump!


General Strike Against Trump
February 17, 2017

Nationwide Strike!

No Work!
No Consumerism!
All businesses shut!
Bring down Trump

IG Leaflet: LET THEM IN!

Internationalist Group

The Internationalist
29 January 2017

No Ban, No Wall – Full Citizenship Rights for All!
Smash Racist Ban on Muslims, Refugees


Remembering the San Diego Stolen Lives of 2016

12/31/2016 5:00 pm
12/31/2016 8:00 pm

PLEASE join United Against Police Terror - San Diego and The Movement Productions San Diego as we remember the following 23 #SDStolenLives of 2016, reminding us for the new year, we must fight for EVERY life taken at the hands of every branch of Law Enforcement.

*This will be a vigil/visuals, candles and drawings encouraged..
Our Stolen Lives List has reached 744 as of 12/14/2016
to see full; list, please click the following link

Joshua Adam Sisson ♂ San Diego Police 1/1/2016
Gilbert Gearhart ♂ San Diego Sheriff 1/7/2016

Event Location: 
City Heights/Weingart Library and Performance Annex 3795 Fairmount Ave, San Diego, California 92105

Fuck F***book: Here's Why You Shouldnt't Organize Using Social Media

sdindymedia volunteer

There are at least three reasons why organizing using social media is a bad idea:
(1) It robs us of the face-to-face relationship building that is necessary to develop the trust required to do anything that could challenge the state. f***book events are either toothless or a security risk.
(2) Governments and corporations have finely tuned their ability to use social media for surveillance. The recent revelations that social media platforms were giving Geofeedia, a firm used by pigs, preferential access and that only tw***er committed to not helping the government to build a Muslim registry are only two of numerous examples of how social media are our enemies.
(3) Relying and becoming dependent on corporate social media prevents us from working towards Autonomy. The decline of Indymedia, which corporate social media co-opted and fed off of, is one example of the losses our movements are suffering by organizing through social media.

To Defeat Trump … And the Democrats, Fight for Workers Revolution

Internationalist Group

Post-Traumatic Election Shock
To Defeat Trump … And the Democrats
Fight for Workers Revolution

Internationalist Group protests Trump and the Democrats, Los Angeles, November 9. (Internationalist photo)

Here's Why You Shouldn't Organize Using Social Media

anonymous reposted from ACLU
By: Matt Cagle follow @Matt_Cagle

The ACLU of California has obtained records showing that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram provided user data access to Geofeedia, a developer of a social media monitoring product that we have seen marketed to law enforcement as a tool to monitor activists and protesters.

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