Egzama ve Sedef Hastaligina Iyi Gelen Krem


Pek çok dermatolojik hastalığın tedavisinde deriye uygulanan kremler çözüm olarak sunuluyor. Bunların bazıları kimyasal içersede bazıları organik ve bitkisel çözüm yolları sunuyor. Kailasjeevan'de yer alan ve Mavi Krem olarak adlandırılan bu ürün kullanıcılardan olumlu yorumlar almaya devam ediyor.

Mavi krem Turkiye'de yaklaşık 80 eczanede yer alıyor. Özellikle sedef ve egzama gibi hastalıklara iyi geldiği için ve kullandığım bir ürün olduğu için insanlığa faydasının dokunacağına inandığımdan indymedia'da paylaşmak istedim.

Okuyan herkese teşekkür ederim.

Veterans petition Amy Goodman -- Syria


VETERANS PETITION to Amy Goodman and Producers at Democracy Now: Please Broaden and Improve the Coverage on Syria!

Veterans for Peace / East Bay Chapter 162

In April, Veterans for Peace Chapter 162 sent a letter by postal service to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now (DN) asking for better and more diverse coverage on Syria. The letter was also published online at Dissident Voice.

WHO Demands Apology For Bin Laden Assassination

Archibald Dutshown

An expert panel of the World Health Organisation on Sunday has filed a formal request to Unitednations to call upon Unitedstates to apologise for the assassination of Osama Bin Laden to all concerned parties involved. The document says that the alleged danger by the Islamic underground preacher was vastly exaggerated as to mislead unaware soldiers into slaughtering inside witnesses and destroying inconvenient evidence of Unitedstates war crimes.

Egyptian Airplane Crash Evidence Leaked

Mohamed Saidler

In contact to a leaking platform, an unnamed Egyptian official has provided new information on the case of the passenger aircraft that went missing over the Mediterranean. Due to the rapid loss in mid flight height monitored in the incident, investigators had thought of a bomb attack as the most likely cause of the crash. But now an inside view of Cairo‘s vast airline conglomerate indicates gross management failures as an even more realistic scenario.

Iraqi Refugee Rescues Woman From German Garbage Truck

Monica Hatman

Iraqi Refugee Rescues Woman From German Garbage Truck

Monica Hatman

Kanahus Manuel Speaks on Indigenous Resistance to the Mount Polley Mining Disaster

san diego indymedia volunteer

On May 12, Kanahus Manuel, an activist from the Secwepemc Nation, spoke at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography about the Mount Polley Mining Disaster, the failure of a tailings pond at a gold and copper mine owned by Imperial Metals, which sent 25 million cubic meters of toxic sediment down Hazeltine Creek, destroying it, and dispersing the toxins in Quesnal Lake, an important component of the Fraser River salmon spawning network. Kanahus focused on resistance to the theft and damage to indigenous lands by mining corporations and the central role that womyn play.

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El fin de la "maldición" del rentismo petrolero

Guayú De Falkón

......con el cuento chino del fin de la “maldición” del rentismo petrolero, evaden y desvían su responsabilidad ética, moral, política, administrativa y legal en la profunda crisis económica que está sumido el país producto del despilfarro, malversación, saqueo, fraude y estafa de una gigantesca cordillera montañosa de dólares, los cuales utilizados e invertidos con responsabilidad y ética, habrían convertido a Venezuela en la nueva Suiza por todo el siglo XXI.

No y no ¡No nos dejemos engañar..! la renta petrolera no es ninguna maldición. Malditos son todos aquellos y aquellas que desde hace casi 100 años se la han robado a mansalva y la han exportado, acumulado y “sembrado” en paraísos fiscales, bancos e inversiones en EE.UU. y Europa.

Argentina Returns to Bond Market after Debt Settlement

Greg Williams

Argentina returns to the bond market after 15 years with access to limited international financing. Argentina will use part of the money it raises to pay hold-out funds from the country's 2001 default.‎ Those funds rejected previous settlement offers and instead sued Argentina for full repayment. Argentina agreed to terms with the funds in February ending a decade-long legal dispute.

San Diego Independent Media Center Hosts Film and Discussion on Diné Relocation at Big Mountain

sdindymedia volunteers

“From Big Mountain to Palestine, relocation is genocide!” sings Klee Benally, Diné activist, filmmaker and former member of the indigenous punk band Blackfire, in his song 'An Act of Liberation.'

Benally refers to two of numerous politically and economically motivated displacements of people in recent memory. For one, the Nabka, 700,000 Palestinians were forced to leave their villages in 1948 to make way for the creation of the state of Israel.

The other was the topic of a screening and discussion of the 1985 documentary film Broken Rainbow, hosted by the San Diego Independent Media Center at the Metate Infoshop on January 29, as part of Enero Zapatista. The film details the historical context, events leading up to, and human and environmental impact of the forced relocation of 14,000 Diné people from the Black Mesa area, beginning in 1974, to permit expansion of the operations of Peabody Coal. --Read More--

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