Zapatista Dinner (Fundraising for WI 2011 A.R.M.A Delegation)

12/03/2011 6:00 pm

Dinner plate donation: $5-$10. Food will be influenced by Mexican and Peruvian food.

As A.R.M.A (Arte en Rebeldia y Movimientos Autonomos) collective delegates, we will be traveling to Chiapas, Mexico this winter from December 28th-January 4th.

The purpose of our trip is to dialogue and exchange knowledge with the Zapatista communities that we will be visiting. We are different from other groups that go into Zapatista territory; we are not there to perform "charity" work. The Zapatistas have expressed interest in the struggles and resistance in our community. This trip will be an exchange of knowledge between the delegation and the Z communities on organizing, community building, and much more.

Our responsibility as delegates after this trip is to Report Back what we learned and how this knowledge can help our communities through workshops, community forums, one-to-ones, and meetings.

The delegates holding this dinner are all undergraduate students of color from USD and UCSD.

All the expenses of the entire trip are coming out of pocket for each of us.
The expenses are as following (close approximation for each person):
Roundtrip Flight: Ranges from $200-400
Roundtrip Bus trip from the airport in Mexico to Chiapas: $60-$100
Transportation within Chiapas, Food, and housing: $350

We are asking for your support in helping us make this trip and travel to Z territory.

There will also be Performances while you dine. Performers include:
Diana Velazquez
Barry Lockwood
Mindy Lam
More TBA

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

In La'kech,

Cinthya Martinez
Melissa Perez Gonzales
Edgar Flores
Norma Rojas
Katherine Vilchez

Event Location: 
BSU/MECha Resource Center, UCSD Student Services Center, La Jolla, CA