Bikes del Pueblo, open bike workshop at Snowdrop

12/04/2011 12:00 pm

Every Sunday, open workshop at snowdrop house..
next one Sun, December 4, 12pm – 3pm

bikes del pueblo is a small diy* collective** based out of san diego that works on teaching people bike maintenance skills and contributing to the many communities in our area that use bikes. every saturday from 9 am to 1 pm we set up a mini-shop at the city heights farmers market to walk people through the process fixing their own bikes. we recognize that lots of people ride bikes, like old guys with beards and funny hats, young people with fixies, immigrants with mountain bikes, and everybody in between all have a right to safe transportation and to a clean, healthy environment. se habla spanglish

*diy as in do-it-yourself
**collective as in not a shop, as in no bosses, as in we're all in this together, and no we won't fix that for you but we'll show you how it is done

Event Location: 
Snowdrop House, Snowdrop St. @ Manzanita Dr. 92105