Activist San Diego's Year-end Meeting & Annual Party

12/19/2011 7:00 pm

Activist San Diego's Year-end (OCCUPY HOLIDAYS ) Meeting & Annual Party
Mon. Dec. 19th @ 7 PM at Joyce Beers Community Center
3900 Vermont St across from Trader Joe's in Hillcrest

Bring your Occupy video clips or images to share!
Occupy Photo display by photographers (including you!)
Hunger striker John Kenney and other Occupiers will join us.

The Occupy upsurge and resistance movement spread to 1000 locations around the country and the world with creativity and innovative tactics. "We are the 99%" has resonated deeply with the American people. The 1% is on the hot-seat. There is growing public awareness of American poverty, income inequality and the US government's complicity in funding the very banks, corporations and war-profiteers that created the economic crisis.

MIC CHECK: All is not well with the Occupy movement. Hundreds of thousands took the offensive against the corporate plutocracy, but the establishment has moved quickly and brutally to squash the encampments and put activists on the defensive. It is disgraceful that San Diego is #6 in the number of Occupy arrest in the US. We have been harassed, pepper sprayed, jailed and maligned by the media. Nevertheless Occupy SD have survived.

After the informal potluck and the Occupy multi-media show we will have the opportunity for small group brainstorming sessions about ways that we can help sustain the Occupy movement, especially in San Diego. Please join us and bring your ideas. 619-871-9354 or 619-528-8383

Event Location: 
Joyce Beers Community Center, 3900 Vermont St. (Hillcrest)