Rally for Bradley Manning

12/17/2011 3:00 pm

We will meet at the San Diego Civic Center (at 3rd and B) at 3pm and will have speakers including Majorie Cohen and then we will head 6 blocks north to hang a banner on the fences over the I5 freeway.

On the 17th of December - his 24th birthday - Bradley Manning will have been incarcerated for 571 days.

On this day stand in solidarity with Bradley Manning - congregate at the White House, Ft. Leavenworth Kansas, your city hall or town square, or your nearest US Embassy or Consulate.

Bradley Manning was arrested on May 26, 2010, and held at first in a military jail at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait.
On July 29, 2010, Manning was moved from Kuwait to the Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, and classified as a "maximum custody detainee" held under a "Prevention of Injury" assignment.
A "Prevention of Injury" assignment entails checks by guards every five minutes, and no sleeping during the day. He was required to remain visible at all times, including at night, which entailed no access to sheets, no pillow except one built into his mattress, and a blanket designed not to be shredded.
On April 20, 2011 Bradley Manning was transferred to the Midwest Joint Regional Correctional Facility in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and the prevention-of-injury order was lifted

United States v. Bradley Manning -

Bradley Manning faces 34 Charges including:
- Failure to obey a lawful order or regulation
- Modifying or installing unauthorized software to a system, using it for 'unintended' purposes.
- Circumventing security mechanisms
- Improper storage of Classified Information
- Embezzlement and Theft of Public Money, Property or Records.
- As an 'unauthorized person' taking 'national defense' information and either 'retaining' it or delivering it to 'persons not entitled to receive it'.
- Aiding the enemy which carries a potential death penalty.

On his 24th birthday we shall congregate around the world and stand in solidarity with Bradley Manning.

Event Location: 
San Diego Civic Center (at 3rd and B)