West Coast Port Blockade - San Diego


In response to the West Coast Port Blockade call-out (video on youtube) by Occupy Oakland, San Diego Port Shutdown staged an action on Monday at the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal that resulted in the two entrances being blocked for 1-1/2 to 2 hours, many workers going home, and the north entrance blocked throughout the day. Over one hundred cops - sdpd, harbor police and dhs agents - were attempting to shut down the action. Four protesters were arrested at the south entrance.

The ports of Oakland, Portland, Longview and Vancouver were blockaded Monday morning, and the SSA terminals at LA/LB were shut down. Disruptions occurred at Seattle and Houston, and solidarity actions at numerous other locations were reported. The blockade of the port of Oakland continued into Tuesday.

"At about 745-8am, the cops - SDPD and port authority police and some DHS, formed a column and pushed us into one lane and said that if we went back we would get arrested. At about the same time, the south entrance had sent about ten folks to balance numbers, and they came in really spirited, with chants and they enlivened the crowd, they created enough chaos so we could retake the space and start circling the crowd again to block the entrance. That was really cool. They had allowed only four or five vehicles to go in when they pushed us back, but then we had the entrance blocked again for the remainder of the day." --Read More--