Support Urban Agriculture in SD at Planning Commission

12/15/2011 9:00 am

Food Justice friends, please HELP THURS 12/15!!
Please tell others (if you haven't yet) and bring them with you!

This is one of the last BIG important times (of 2, maybe 3 left) when
WE NEED YOU to attend for Urban Agriculture...

If you are at all available DURING THE DAY... Please please join us! We really need bodies there in support.

Thursday, December 15th
9:00 AM! until maybe noon?
City of San Diego Planning Commission
202 C Street, 12th floor.
Park free at Horton Plaza for 3 hours.

We truly need you because the City takes much more notice and is held truly accountable when large numbers of people show up, especially during work hours. No need to speak, just show up as you are (not business attire). The Planning Commission agenda and report are available at (under resources)

When on the AGENDA??
-- Urban Ag is listed as 'ITEM-10'. The first five items are basic housekeeping that should go quickly. We don't know how long the other items in front of it will take: they can taken on consent (that is, voted in support without discussion), continued to another meeting or deliberated on for a long time. Furthermore, the commissioners may take items out of order. As a result, the official line from the City is that if you wish to see a particular item, then you should...

BE THERE at the beginning of the meeting at 9:00 AM just in case.
And given the past meetings, we truly don't know -- it could come up fast, get moved up, or could be at the end.

Event Location: 
City of San Diego Planning Commission, 202 C Street, 12th floor (Downtown)