Rally in Solidarity with Bradley Manning


Bradley Manning is suspected of having leaked classified information, including diplomatic cables and two videos showing US military human rights violations, to Wikileaks while a US Army soldier stationed in Iraq. The leaks have been credited with strengthening widespread opposition to the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and with fueling the rebellions in southwest Asia and north Africa.

Manning is being held on charges that could result in life imprisonment. He was arrested one and a half years ago and was subject to conditions that were classified as torture by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture, Amnesty International, Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers, and others.

Saturday is his 24th birthday, and local supporters are holding a rally and banner hanging, starting at the Civic Center Plaza at 3pm.

Saturday, December 17
3pm Civic Center Plaza

Update another person with a camera writes: More than 50 people marched from the civic center up 3rd ave to the I-5 overpass and hung banners for about 20 minutes. There were very few folks downtown to see the march or pass informative flyers out to, but a bunch of people on I-5 honked their horns. Given the huge positive impact the materials he is accused of releasing have had, and that he likely will be spending most if not his entire life in prison, our solidarity efforts seemed inadequate, more so for the many political prisoners whose sacrifices are not as well known. Fotos

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