Occupy the 'Hood

Ocupemos el Barrio

Acting in solidarity with all of the people in the world who have been victims to the fraudulent processes and the negative manipulation of our future, Occupy the 'Hood places to the front the goal of creating a horizontal dialogue, more direct and democratic by the people, for the people, in our neighborhoods of San Diego. The time is now to set aside ideologies that only serve to divide us and to realize that we are all human beings and we all bleed red. Take the streets San Diego. Occupy the 'Hood, occupy San Diego.

On December 17, 2011 Occupy the Hood invites you to participate and to let your voice be heard. Our communities have suffered due to neglect by elected officials and criminalization and harassment from the police for way too long. The Occupy movement has changed the national discussion from one of putting blame on individuals for their "own misfortunes" to putting the blame of the crisis on the real criminals- the 1%. The Occupy movement has also highlighted the growing wealth inequality in the worlds riches country.

At 1pm we will be holding an open mic session in Chicano Park. This is a space to discuss the many grievances that effects our communities. Afterward we will hold a general assembly so that we may form solutions in a horizontal manner.

Saturday, December 17, Chicano Park
1 PM - Open Mic
3 PM - General Assembly

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