Cartoonist Breen Goes Low-ball.


For someone who is suppose to be an award winning political cartoonist and sometimes suggests intelligence, Mr. Steve Breen is certainly not below performing like a cheap shot artist.

Shortly after some overly-rich, right-wing, political intriguer takes ownership of the Union-Tribune Breen creates a cartoon, this Manchester empire, allowed to be published a cartoon that had President Obama, more or less, standing in front of a barrel of a gun (disguised as the controversial Keystone pipeline). But one could see the implication as it seemed fairly clear to its implicit meaning of danger.

Perhaps Mr. Breen and the U-T editorial board could have been questioned by the U.S. Secret Service for seemingly encouraging an assassination of a U.S President. Let us hope, despite plenty of mediocrity in Washington D.C. and the U.S. media, such an action does not happen.

But there are other ways to destroy a Presidential career. So now Mr. Breen has leveled every exaggerated economic woe imaginable to be blamed on Obama—whereas Obama claims to defend himself as a great president in some interview (see U-T December 26 cartoon). Granted most presidents exaggerate their own importance, as do editorial boards around the country—even while these same editors know that “one” human being has far less power than what naïve and hopeful people wish.

Furthermore they equally know the previous Bush White House administration of criminals are still responsible for enough of our current economic woes compounded today—as are many other people responsible in the business world, as equally many consumers responsible. Such a smear tactic as suggesting America’s credit rating was downgraded, and referring to our huge national debt and high unemployment is because of Obama, etc., is low-class yellow journalism—it is low rent.

It always seems amazing how political pundits who sit in newspaper offices, and who constantly criticize politicians with the same career spans as Edgar Hoover, “never” (or at least seldom) run for office themselves? And yet they, as political chicken hawks, seldom have much to say about the dignity or value of such individuals who do run for office—other then to exaggerate some few mediocre men, such as Ronald Reagan, into Gods. Meanwhile they arrogate to themselves some lofty insight of supposed eternal fountain of wisdom.

Sure Obama is a failure, but why doesn’t one smarmy George Will, or one of those Holier-Than-Thou Washington Post syndicated snobs run for the Presidency? That could be as entertaining as some of retrogrades the Republican Party has inspired to run.

Is this the kind of cheap shot crap we can come to expect from a Manchester newspaper?

Personally I’m already tired of all the extra hassle of those advertising inserts I have to make task to rid so I can read the newspaper. Just maybe I will finally cancel my subscription because the only real change this local paper needed before it was turned over to a hot shot Platinum Equity was “more” change in the U-T Editorial Board and some “different” featured syndicated columnists—the same changes still needed today.