How Long Before TSA Shuts Down Americans' Right—To Travel Freely in their own Country?

Martin Sheridan

NEXT: Could Outspoken Americans, e.g. writers and Bloggers, Americans that defend the Constitution be deemed “Belligerents” by U.S. Government—(repeatedly) stopped at Check-Points: searched, questioned without probable cause or warrants—and or Indefinitely Detained?

TSA is establishing thousands of national Check-Points at surface transportation locations. One can’t help recall at similar Check-Points, the Nazi Military and Police without probable cause harassed, searched and delayed German travelers, especially targeting persons deemed politically undesirable—at roadway checkpoints, boarding trains and at bus stops. Germans intentionally delayed by authorities were late or repeatedly missed work, lost their jobs. Germans without probable cause were put on (Nazi Government do not hire lists). One must wonder if today’s outspoken Americans, e.g. Americans that defend the Constitution, writers and Bloggers might later be deemed “Belligerents” by U.S. Government—repeatedly stopped, searched, questioned at checkpoints without probable cause or warrants; be forced to endure X-ray scans potentially damaging their health—and or Indefinitely Detained. It is foreseeable Americans could be intimidated from traveling by TSA.

TSA recently refused to provide comprehensive information regarding test results concerning TSA back-scatter and other x-ray scanners at airports that might determine if (frequent flyers) might be physically harmed, sustain organ damage from repeated X-Ray scans.

Currently one can only guess how much radiation is covertly being transmitted by U.S. Government and police into the bodies of persons repeatedly scanned without warrants, (Persons of Interest) X-rayed on the street, in their vehicles, inside their homes. The Obama government ordered 500 back-scatter X-ray vans that U.S. Government and local Police will without public oversight or warrants scan private homes—vehicles, Citizens walking, riding a bicycle, standing someplace. Corrupt government and police can too easily over X-RAY Citizens they deem undesirable.