The Remedy Garden Welcome Box

welcome to The Remedy Garden

hey everyone. this is rich from the remedy garden. indymedia kind of fell into our lap right as we were planning to create a blog/website for the garden. We have some cool friends. So we are very excited to welcome back indymedia and to make our web debut for this little garden project. i plan to put up a narrative timeline for the project along with some photos so everyone can see the progress we have made from a bare patch of clay to an overgrown garden full of medicine, bugs, and friendly fungi and bacteria. we are also working on a workshop series at the moment, and will be posting material from those as they come. We are starting with a little history of "western" biomedicine a.k.a. patriarchal, capitalist medicine. we will be going back to the witch hunts and discuss their significance as an organized campaign against women and the ability for communities to care for and reproduce themselves (via herbal medicine, midwifery, etc.). Then we will be talking about the structure and organization of medicine in this country. and a whole bunch more. but we will let you know as it comes.