Jingoism Hits U-T Front Page


Jingoism Hits U-T Front Page

By Lady Lockian

Was I just imagining subjective omens to this New Year? Or was I really reading a slogan this last day of 2011stating “THE WORLD’S GREATEST COUNTRY & AMERICA’S FINEST CITY” underneath a picture of the American flag—that is on the front page of the Union-Tribune as part of its newspaper nameplate (or mistakenly referred to as its masthead)?

“Jingoism”, as concept, originally came from the refrain ‘By Jingo’ attached to a song around 1878. It became the marching song for U.K. citizens that year hankering for war with Russia. Hence it meant blustering, bragging chauvinism, with aggressive inclinations of an imperial kind.

Whereas according to Safire’s Political Dictionary (without quoting his excess of examples) jingoism is basically “shrill, aggressive, super-patriotism …which has become synonymous with national cockiness…”

Obviously there is nothing wrong with people feeling patriotic and exemplary. It’s great when sincere and based on private and well-researched sentiment (as opposed to commercial enterprise). Furthermore such sloganeering by itself is hardly belligerence.

But when a new owner and management team takes over a major newspaper in a part of the country that just happens to get a huge amount of money from the Department of Defense for military bases, military personnel, and for private companies that “profit” as the Military Industrial Complex, then one has to wonder just how objective and balanced could such a newspaper possibly be expected to be.

Equally there is nothing wrong with naming The Marine as the newspaper’s Person of the Year (as opposed to The Protestor) as seeming more American. The in dept coverage of Sgt. Collin Raaz was worthy and surely many who cover the marines in the news actually care about these men—even if it is true that it seems many who work the news empire really do not give much of a damn about who suffers in war. It is hard to accept this at face value given the flase news stories we too often get going back to when Copleys' own the paper.

There are plenty of right-wingers who view Occupy Wall Street protestors as dupes of one sentiment or another.

Nevertheless these displays are starting to give a red flag as far as impression goes. Consider that it is a fact that only a “small” ratio of news and radio broadcast personnel ever wear a military uniform—unless a few are imbedding to become a government’s propaganda machine. You almost have to wonder just how sincere this seeming grand parade of public posturing really is?

Perhaps such sentiment is sincere. But even if we don’t know the answer to such a question we do know that “many” leaders within the 1% of America’s wealthiest consider marines cannon fodder for the next exploit.

More importantly remains the fact the mainstream media played a significant role in deceiving our country into an illegal, aggressive war with Iraq—whether done so deliberately or naively—not too far from the Third Reich’s illegal invasions. Such a past blunder cannot be easily dismissed with much flag-waving now at the Union-Tribune.

If you want to hear a real marine’s opinion on this next election check out some independent journalism.

Despite some good journalism at the San Diego Union-Tribune it still seems the paper has been devolving to more yellow-journal Murdockism for some time—that is not afraid to exploit sensationalism for financial gain. For example, doing a paparazzi-like front page story on Mitt Romney’s La Jolla residence, in which his address is revealed, along with the equivalent of noisy-neighbor photo-op, with a real estate agent over-looking Romney’s house from balcony next door, as if able to ascertain the kind of pizza he might choose to eat. Sure he’s big news and especially the fact he paid 25 dollars for his hair cut.

But then we are led to an Associated Press article juxtaposed right next to this soft-celebrity-news piece that places Romney as “leading” the Iowa polls. Whereas people on the ground in Iowa (alternative media) are telling us Ron Paul is way ahead—and that it will be hard for the powers-that-be to steal this nomination—no matter how much they loathe the guy. These Iowa sources say there are “few” yard signs campaigning for either Gingrich or Romney? Instead most signs are for Ron Paul. (Sounds like even the slime, Carl Rove, could be at loss on this one.)

But these divergences of accurate information hardly stopped the U-T from highlighting a Mitt Romney quote this Tuesday on the front page that also claims him to be “GOP front-runner” in Iowa. Yet TV news this morning says Romney is not claiming he will win. In fact this TV station says Paul is in the lead? Meanwhile the U-T Sunday editorial section featured another Washingtonian, Carl Cannon, who too claims Romney in the lead—whereas stating the Obama campaign is most afraid of Mitt Romney—as if to insinuate a reason why Romney should win. It is all so cozy.

Surely Mr. Finance guru Romney surely knows a few Wall Street hucksters? But likely he never invested money in any military merchants of death, or Cheney oil cartel or other Haliburton criminal rip-offs of the U.S. taxpayer? After all one could only expect of all those who wined and dined at The Grand Del, for example for this New Year’s gala, included a bunch of so-called outback grunts? Can’t imagine 1%-ters who frequent that part of America’s finest city, as nothing but the highest breed who have come to love this country, which has done so much for the Middle and Lower classes. After all, I’m told when customers there go into the Gentlemen’s restroom there are pictures of Old England’s chivalry and knights of aristocracy. Esquires there of Romney’s and Manchester’s state can wipe their behinds with gold-gilt ass-wipe—apropos for this gilded age.

Not exactly foxhole conditions.