Paseo de Reyes, Tijuana monthly group bike ride

01/06/2012 11:29 pm

Paseo de Todos monthly group bike ride in Tijuana
Meet at the big arch on Revolución at 7:30pm
Ride leaves around 8pm

Paseo de Reyes (Ride of Kings)
Enchanting their bikes as kings... fairies return, come dressed in crowns .. 2012 IS HERE!

The purpose of this trip is to produce a cultural change in Tijuana.

It is a festival where all groups and social cyclists are invited to take part and show that it is possible to use the bicycle as a means of transportation.

* [Recommendations: Before:

-Check that your bike is in good condition.
-Bring patches and / or a spare tube to fix a flat tire.
-Get organized with friends / family to attend the ride.
-Join the volunteer group


-Use lights and reflective material on your body and your bike.
-Ride in the correct lane, don't block oncoming cars.
-Collaborate on cruises supporting volunteers, remember the ride is for everyone.
-Follow the instructions of the volunteers.
-Keep the order and respect for motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists.
-Avoid shouting slogans that can attack the integrity of persons.
-Avoid littering the streets.
-Avoid drugs and alcohol during the trip.
-Stay tuned at the intersection of avenues.
-Take responsibility for children who accompany you, ask your parents to ride with you.
-Remember that you alone are responsible for your safety when passing through the street and care for others makes you part of a society in coexistence.
-Enjoy the journey.


-Take the experience you gained during the trip and share with other cyclists.


-This ride is fun and festive, violent attitudes are not welcome.
The driver is a potential cyclist ... Smile, explain what the ride is and thank all waiting. ]


Event Location: 
Meet at the big arch on Avenida Revolución at Calle Primera, Tijuana