8th annual Enero Zapatista starts with a defiant machete in the air


Around 50 people participated in the 8th annual Enero Zapatista opening event hosted by the Sherman Heights Community Center. The Red Warrior Drummers started it off with indigenous music and wisdom and a full spread of homecooked food was provided. The film Viva Mexico! (http://www.vivamexicofilm.com/index.html) was screened followed by an inspiring discussion as all participants formed a circle and talked about reactions to the movie and its relevance to our community struggles. Many new faces were present and a positive and hopeful tone was set for the upcoming month of activities. Check out the website: http://enerozapatista.wordpress.com or the f***book: http://www.facebook.com/enerozapatista

Red Warrior Drummers Kicking it Off with Timeworn Traditions

Opening Poetry Reading with Enero Zapatista organizers

Red Warrior Drummers